Kitimat-Terrace/Thornhill and area, BC, Canada

Snow Valley Nordic Ski Club (SVNSC)

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Over the years the Club has had to retire and or sell some of the machines that were used out at the trails.

1983 PB 36-200D Kaffbohrer Pisten Bully

Jan 24, 2004- Cliff Doiron
(Head Groomer at the time) operating the Pisten Bully
& Lothar Mueller in the background
on the Alpine Ski-Doo pulling the Ginzu snow groomer

“They are just about to return into the stadium area from the trails. Must have been setting up for the SV Open races, 2004 edition”
Photo donated by Jim Thorne Dec 2, 2020

Club purchased the used Kaffbohrer Pisten Bully Tractor, ca July 22, 1992

PB200D Brochure Ad

Brochure photo and General Model specs, not totally applicable to this machine
Brochures and old machine info submitted by Terry Brown
Machine made in Germany, with a OM 352 LA, 190 hp, 6 cylinder, Mercedes-Benz engine with intercooler and turbocharger.
S/N- 8210504
Tracks- 3.6 Mtr Steel, Tiller- 3.9 Mtr Steel c/w YTS and 19 ft Valley Compactor and Quick Mount All-Way Blade
Purchase funded by the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine and the District of Kitimat
2016- Machine traded in with over 10,000 hours for approx $8,000

Smaller snow machines used to track pack snow, and by Volunteer Trail Maintenance Crews

1992 Super Alpine Ski Doo

January 17, 2009- This was their old ‘Super Alpine’ Ski-Doo pulling the ‘Ginzu’ snow groomer..
The operator is Bob Oliver who for a period of time was Club President.
Photo submitted by Jim Thorne, Dec 2, 2020

This double track snow machine required parts which were too expensive, and hard to find, so it was retired.
Photo taken by Cathy Vandenberg.
Submitted by Jim Thorne, Dec 2, 2020

Please Note- The Club machines are the ONLY snow machines allowed on the trails unless specifically asked by the head groomer to be on the trails for maintenance reasons, or in case of an emergency.

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