Menard School #3544

Woodley, Saskatchewan, Canada

Located on NE Section 1, (I think), (or was it on NW Section 4?), Tsp 6, Rge 7, W2

Located 3 1/2 miles NE of Woodley SK

Named after the Menard families in the area
William Menard, Frederick Menard, and Charles Menard, all had homesteads on Section 4, Tsp 6, R7, W2, and immigrated in 1894 and 1895

1929- Miss Valerie Drake was the teacher from Whitewood SK

1930- Sec-Treasurer A. Kreig, (King?) Lampman. Trustees: chairman, A. Maime, E. Pourbaix, and L. Thievin.

Friday, Dec 5, 1941 after classes, this school burnt to the ground, but it was insured


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