Stewart- Stewart Brothers

Stewart, British Columbia, Canada

Stewart was founded by Brothers John Wardlaw Stewart and Robert Musket Stewart, who sold the first lots here.
They formed the Stewart Land Company, and the Stewart Mining & Development Company

Stewart Brothers Immigrated in 1890 to Vancouver Island where they had a small farm.

There is some confusion in history books and articles, with the father's name.
father of John shown as George in his death cert.
Picture on the district of Stewart's site, says his name was George also.
Then an article in British Colonist, Mar 2, 1906, says Robert's father was Mr. F. P. Stewart from Seattle.
He sold the Stewart Group, which consisted of the Mountain Boy, American Girl, Hard Money, and the Northern Belle, to an Oregon Syndicate for $250.000.00.
Claims were 15 miles inland from Stewart, on the west fork of the Bear River, known as Bear Creek, Just 3 miles from the Alaskan Boundary.
It says he discovered the claims, and others with interest, his son Robert Stewart, John Conway and H. W. Brightwell.

Mining reports say these claims were located in 1902 by F. P. Stewart, M. I. Stewart, John Conway, & H. W. Brightwell
so now we have another Stewart? M. I.?
As seen above this was Martin I. Stewart from Seattle.

But I am 99.9% sure I have the right connection below

The whole Stewart Family Bio and Genealogy

Paternal grandfather- Andrew Stewart
Paternal grandmother- Christian Mouat

father- George Stewart (Sr.)
b- Aug 25, 1824 in Lerwick, Shetland Islands
d- Jan 18, 1911 in Victoria, age 76
Buried in Shady Creek United Cemetery
Known as an Author, Poet, Philanthropist, Artist and a man of Business.
Self taught, was teaching school in Leavenwick Scotland at age of 15.
He went to Edinburgh in 1844 to attend the Normal School there.
He was a retired merchant, and carved wood later in life.
He was the author of “Shetland Fireside Tales” see link below
He went to Leith and was in partnership with a brother
in a Mercantile Business there for 30 years.
1891 living in Over Gogar House, Ratho, Midlothian,
with wife, 2 daughters, and 1 son, William.
also a 6 month granddaughter, Gladys M. Caulder.
George shown age 65, Provision Merchant
18 years before 1911, he came to Saanich. (ca 1892)
Lived on Bonnie Brae Farm, Keating District, South Saanich, BC
Bonnie Brae farm was 10 miles from Victoria
Stewart Land Co. tried selling the farm in May 1911, 1912, then again Feb, Mar 1913
27 acres under cultivation, 13 acres in orchard, 7 acres in pasture, 8 room house, barn 30 x 16.
in 1917 George Stewart Jr and his wife were living on the farm.
Obit- Victoria Times, 18 Jan 1911, p.4: George Stewart, 85, retired merchant, d. at r.o. dau Mrs MacFarlane, Sylvia St, leaves daus: Mrs Mac Farlane; Mrs Puckle, Saanich; Mrs Langston, Luxton Rd; Mrs Agassiz, Tacoma, WA, USA; sons: Andrew & James, Victoria; George, Saanich; John & Robert, Stewart, BC.

George (Sr) had a brother William Stewart, a Wool Broker in Leith and a brother, John Stewart, a Commission Agent in Liscord.

married Dec 1, 1853, Edinburgh, Scotland

mother- Elizabeth “Eliza” Anderson
b- Apr 21, 1829, Fifeshire, Scotland
d- Jan 30, 1903 South Saanich, age 73
Buried in Shady Creek United Cemetery, Saanichton BC

They had 5 daughters and 6 sons
All but one son lived in BC in 1903

Andrew Stewart, (Oldest child)
b- July 20, 1855 in Leith, Scotland (1854 in Edinburgh per death cert)
d- Dec 27, 1925 in Victoria BC, age 71
1871 he is shown age 16, grocer
1891, age 37, in Johnson St. Ward, in Victoria, Grocer's Salesman
witness at brother George's wedding
married Margaret Croft, nee Williams, June 1, 1911 in Vancouver BC
b- 1862 in San Francisco, USA
she was a widow

Elizabeth Stewart, (Oldest daughter)
b- July 8, 1856 in Scotland,
d- Mar 11, 1951, Vancouver BC, age 94
married John Hay MacFarlane
he died before 1951
lived at St. James Bay, Victoria ca 1908
Sylvia st, Saanich, in 1911
had a daughter Eva MacFarlane

Christina M. Stewart, (2nd daughter)
b- May 7, 1858, in Dalkeith, Edinburgh, Scotland,
d- ?
married Guy Langton (alt- Langston?)
Living on Luxton Rd, Victoria in 1911
1871 census she is shown as age 52, which can not be right
I think it probably says age 12

George M. Stewart (Jr) (2nd son)
b- May 8, 1860 in Mid-Lothian, Scotland,( age 61 in 1921, fruit grower)
d- May 30, 1937, Oak Bay, age 77
1891 age 31, in Johnson St Ward, in Victoria, Grocer's Salesman
age 54 when he married
President of the Saanich Farmer's Institute at Keatings, ca 1913
married Frances Hope Brown, June 27, 1914 St. James Church, Victoria BC
b- in Woodbridge, Suffolk, England,
age 56 in 1921, age 46, when she married
1917 he was living on his dad's farm

James W. Stewart (3rd son)
b- Apr 18, 1862 in Dalkeith, Scotland (Edinburgh in death cert)
d- Aug 14, 1940, Oak Bay BC, age 78
age 60 when he married in 1923
1891, age 29, in Johnson St. Ward, in Victoria, Pipe Caulker
married Margaret Minto Leitch, Dec 4, 1923 in Victoria BC
b- in Stanhope, PEI, age 57
1925 they were living in Stewart on Victoria St.

John Wardlaw Stewart (4th son)
b- May 16, 1864, Dalkeith, Scotland
d- Mar 16, 1946 Stewart BC, age 81
buried in Stewart BC, the only original Stewart buried in Stewart!
1891 age 27, in Johnson St Ward, in Victoria, shown as a Miner.
married May Skinner Duncan, Oct 1, 1919 in Prince Rupert
b- Edinburgh, Scotland, age 25 when she married
daughter of John Duncan and Mary Russell
1925 they were living in Stewart house on 7th, corner Victoria St.
J. W. shown manager of Dunwell Mines Ltd.
and Manager Stewart Land Company Ltd.
1930 in Stewart, Manager of Dunwell still
and Manager of Glacier Creek Mining Co. now
He came to Stewart ca 1902

William Stewart (5th son)
b- Feb 25, 1866, in Dalkeith, Edinburgh, Scotland
d- Nov 8, 1910, Edinburgh Scotland
1891 living in Over Gogar House, Ratho, Midlothian, with mother, father etc
shown age 25 in 1891, Flour Salesman
William stayed in Scotland and died there

Robert Musket Stewart (alt- Mushet, middle name) (6th son)
b- July 14, 1868 in Dalkeith Scotland
d- Apr 4, 1954, Royal Oak Private Hospital, South Saanich, BC, age 85
cremated- Royal Oak Crematorium
shown buried in Shady Creek Cemetery
Immigrated in 1890
1891 age 22, in Johnson St Ward, in Victoria, Clerk in a Drug Store
1901 census shows Robert Stewart in Saanich with his parents
1911 shown as a real estate broker in Stewart
First Stewart Postmaster per Canada Archives
1910, JP, Deputy Mining recorder
Retired Broker, Stocks and Bonds
married Lottie Louise Turgoose,
married Aug 28, 1908 at St. Stephen's Church, Saanicton BC
she died before Robert
buried in Shady Creek Cemetery
they had 3 children, 1 daughter, 2 sons,
all deceased now

Isabella “Belle” Stewart, (3rd daughter)
b- Aug 2, 1870 in Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland,
age 31 when married,
d- Sept 3, 1953 in Victoria BC, age 82
married Henry Puckle, July 29, 1902
at sister Elizabeth's home on Sylvia St, in Victoria BC
b- 1871, Norwood, England
lived in Saanich in 1911
when married he was a prominent rancher in Saanich
shown age 19 in 1891 Scotland Census
1891 living in Over Gogar House, Ratho, Midlothian, with mother, father etc

Ena Jessie Robina Stewart (twin to Agnes)
shows as Jessie Robina Stewart in Scotland Census
but name Ena appears in Canada
b- June 18, 1872, Leith, Scotland
age 21 when married, b- 1874?
1891 living in Over Gogar House, Ratho, Midlothian, with mother, father etc
married Charles E. Lucian Agassiz, June 4, 1895 in BC
b- in 1873, Inareston, England, age 22
lived in Tacoma WA in 1911

Agnes Fleming Brown Stewart (twin to Ena)
b- June 18, 1872, Leith, Scotland
I don't see her in the later census, so did she die early?


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