Stewart- General Hospital

Stewart, British Columbia, Canada

Stewart General Hospital Doctors / Dentists

Stewart General Hospital on right, and Power/Water system left, ca 1911

May 1911- Hospital was already built at a cost of $10,000

Apr 1911- Matthew John Knight and M. R. Jamieson were appointed by the BC Government, as their Representatives on the Board of Directors, of the Stewart General Hospital.

1913- Percy F. Godenrath was Vice-President of the Hospital Board, who agreed to pay $50 a month to get a doctor for the hospital.
Patrick Daly, on behalf of the Portland Canal Miner's Union, promised $50 a month for 4 months, for the operation of the hospital.
Government contributed $25 per month.
Stewart Citizen's Assoc. gave $300 / month already.
with the extra $125 a month they were looking for a resident Doctor.

1930- Dr. Henry Alexander Whillans, Doctor
Matron- Mrs. Matheson, (her husband George C. Matheson)
a George Matheson d- Jan 15, 1941, in Stewart BC, age 68, Her husband?

1935- Dr. John Wallace Vosburgh, Doctor

1940- Dr. Murdock Morrison, Doctor
Evelyn Kvale- Nurse, (husband below)
Jessie Rothney- Nurse

1925- Dentist- Dr. Richard Folsom Butler, worked in Portland Canal News building

1935- Dentist- Dr. James Fuller Shute

1940- Dentist- Dr. Ole E. Kvale, (wife above)
1935 he was a Dentist at the Premier Mine


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