Telegraph Point

British Columbia, Canada

Telegraph Point

1910 map shows this as Telegraph Station #5, after Skeena City

Dominion Telegraph System

Latitude- 54º 11' 29“ N, Longitude- 129º 39' 15” W

Today there is a big rest area, pull out there, off of Highway 16.
62 Kms. East of Prince Rupert

Across from this rest area is the start of the challenging Mount McLean Mountain Trail.
BC Tel/Telus maintain a Microwave Repeater station, on the top of that mountain.


Pearlman family were here


Harry Boychuk
b- ca 1892, age 29 in 1921, in Romania
Immigrated in 1912
Section Foreman, CNR
shown as married, but no wife listed
Living in a CNR owned wood building

Edward Chesley
b- June 1867, age 55 in 1921, in ON
both parents born in England
Government Telegraph- Lineman
He also appears in my Amsbury page
Living in a Government owned wood building

Joseph Fedun
b- Poland
Shown as a Labourer here
received his naturalization papers here


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