Amsbury, British Columbia, Canada

Amsbury BC

aka: Amesbury? BC

A Flag Station on the Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad, now CNR

Elev. 165 ft

9 1/2 miles west from Terrace
7 miles west from Kitsumkalum
2 1/2 miles west of Remo

Amsbury map, between Shames and Remo
part of whole map on Kitsumkalum Lake site

Located at the Amsbury Cannery in one source, haven't found anything else on this

Unincorporated area, Railway Stop

Railroad Station burned down in 1963
Located between Zimacord Station and Shames Station near Amsbury Creek, where the steam engines pumped their water from

Amsbury located at:
Latitude- 54º 28' N
Longitude- 128º 46' W

In Range 5, Coast Land District

1920- Section Crew there

Lakelse Lumber Company Limited
George Dover- Manager Sawmill and Logging Camp (see below)
Apr 1918 this Company was incorporated in Prince Rupert- $20,000

Captain S. J. Amsbury was in Pr. Rupert from Terrace in 1926, is this where the name came from?

Post Office Records say Amsbury
1921 Census shows Amesbury
Official Geographic spelling was Amsbury
Amesbury was an unincorporated area in Alberta.

Post Office History

Name of Office: Amsbury
Federal Electoral District: Skeena (BC)
Office Opened - Oct 1, 1918
Office closed- Oct 31, 1923
It was closed in the winter months

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
James Kelso Gordon 1918-10-01 1918-12-01 Closed
George Dover (re-opened) 1919-07-01 1923-10-31 Closed

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James Kelso Gordon Bio

George William James Dover
b- Dec 17, 1882, in London England
d- Jan 21, 1949, Prince Rupert General Hospital, Prince Rupert, age 66
buried in Kalum Cemetery, Terrace
1911 in Kitsumkalum shown as a Rancher
Prov. Forest Ranger in 1913 in Terrace when he was married age 30
1926 he was Bookkeeper in George Little's Office
Dover Rd in Terrace named after him
Bookkeeper in a retail General Store when he died.
Immigrated ca 1909
Preemption Record no 500, dated aug 12, 1908, for lot 1109, Coast District, Range 5.
son of George W. Dover and Sarah Tatum
married Jessie Alberta Morrison Nov 27, 1913, George Little's House, Terrace
b- July 30, 1887, Attwood, Perth Co., ON
age 26, Bookkeeper when she married.
daughter of William Morrison and Elizabeth Little
she was the niece of George Little,
she was a School Teacher in Terrace (see link below)

Names from Amsbury area

May 1914

Ald. Thomas McClymont and a syndicate of Prince Rupert men, were ordering machinery for a Brick Plant at Amsbury
By 1918 he was Mayor of Prince Rupert, and owned interests in the Telkwa coal fields as well.
McClymont Park in Rupert named after this man
occupation- Real Estate Broker
Thomas McClymont
b- May 1878 in Scotland
d- Dec 17, 1940 in Vancouver BC, age 62
He immigrated in 1901 to Canada per 1911 census
and 1888 per 1921 census
married Jane Morris McLenaghen, Mar 28, 1911, Portage LaPrairie MB
b- May 5, 1882 in Balderson, ON
d- Dec 9, 1954, DOA- Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver BC, age 72
buried in Masonic Cemetery in Vancouver
daughter of John McLenaghen and Elspeth McIlquham

G. Alger- farmer
Samuel “Sam” Alger- farmer
Edward Chesley- Prospector
H. Mann
P. O'Brien

1916 Autumn Group of mining claims, located here.
Autumn #1, Autumn #2, Happy, Wellington, and Lottie M. Claims
Claims owned by Edward Chesley, Philip Thomas Chesley, George W. Kerr, Samuel “Sam” Alger, and Harry McMann
located 5 miles west of Amsbury Station, and 1/2 mile north of the GTP track
They had a good cabin on the property, and the workings were only a few hundred feet away.
They had a tunnel 80 ft long here.
Western Canada Portland Cement Company were in this area ca 1914 for the limestone deposits here.

1916 Western Canada Cement Company owned cement deposits at mile 80

1916- Train Fare, cost $3.40 from Prince Rupert BC

Phillip Thomas Chesley (Thomas Philip Chesley)
b- Oct 1864 in ON
d- July 21, 1927, age 65
P. Chesley Co-founded the Bear group of claims in the Kitsumkallum Valley
1911- he was a Prospector in Lakelse Valley
1921- CNR Watchman in Salvus

Edward Chesley
b- June 1867 in ON
1911- E. Chesley shown as a Conductor on the Railroad, living on 1st Ave in Prince Rupert.


William McMillan Campbell (Sr.)
CNR Watchman
b- Feb 17, 1879, in Stranrear, Scotland
d- Aug 25, 1931, in Richmond BC, age 52
son of ? and Mary Hamilton Campbell, nee ?
she was his next of kin in 1916, living in Ayr Scotland
He was single, Oct 10, 1916, in Victoria BC, when he enlisted in WWI
Reg # 1049296, 242nd Batt, CEF, Occupation Logger.
He immigrated in 1897
He was married to ?
They had a son- William McMillan Campbell (Jr.)

James Benjamin “Benny” Agar
Sawmill Accountant
b- Oct 21,1894, in Palmerston, Wellington, ON
d- Dec 31, 1943 in Terrace, age 48
son of Charles Agar b- Carleton Place ON
and Annie Warren, b- Carleton Place, ON
Benny was still in Amsbury in 1923,
Feb 7, 1931 his Auto repair garage next to the store and his home, was destroyed by fire.
he was the General Motors agent.
He operated the J. B. Agar Store in Terrace
he left the Amsbury sawmill when it closed, ca Nov 1923, and opened a dry goods store, in Terrace, in an old meat market, which was operated by a Mr. Beard.
Agar Ave. in Terrace, would be named after him. he married Hazel Lillian Vanderlip, Feb 24, 1923 in Prince Rupert BC
b- ca 1904, in Carbury MB
daughter of William Vanderlip and Jane Gregg

Edward Grant
Logger- Woods
b- ca 1876 in ON
1911 census says b- May 1878, in ON, age 33
living on Park Ave in Prince Rupert, working for a Transfer Co.

Carl Gustav Lindblom
Sawyer- Sawmill
b- Dec 23, 1896 in Metlakatla, BC
d- May 31, 1960 in Royal Columbian Hospital, New Westminster BC, age 63
when he died he was a sawyer for Pacific Pine Co.
son of John Ericson Lindblom and Edith Jenkins
father worked at Inverness Cannery as a fisherman, when he was born
Carl married Doreen Rouleau, Sept 2, 1927 St. Mary's School, Mission BC
b- ca 1905 in Dewdney BC
daughter of George Rouleau and Georgina Hudou

Carl Larson
Logger- Woods
b- ca 1889 in Sweden

Fritz Classon
Logger- Woods
b- ca 1889, in Sweden

Joseph Mocok
Logger- Woods
b- in Russia, age 36

Richard Smith
Foreman- Woods
b- in England, age 45

Singh Bud?
Labourer- Sawmill
b- in India, age 43

Singh Ram?
Labourer- Sawmill b- in India, age 34

Singh Sanda
Labourer- Sawmill
b- in India age 50

Singh Barbali
Labourer- Sawmill
b- in India, age 47

William Adams
Engineer- Sawmill
b- ca 1890 in ON

John Smith
Watchman- Sawmill
b- ca 1860 in ON

Lucy Yen Wong
Cook- Sawmill
b- ca 1887 in China

William Charles Brackenbury
CNR Section Foreman
b- Sept 19, 1885 in England
d- June 25, 1977 Skeenaview Lodge, Terrace BC, age 91
buried in Kitwanga BC Cemetery
son of Alfred Brackenbury
Immigrated in 1906
wife- Annie Brackenbury, nee Gilespie
b- Feb 8, 1897 in USA
d- Jan 29, 1974, Wrinch Memorial Hospital, Hazelton BC, age 77
buried in Kitwanga BC, Cemetery
Immigrated in 1910
son- George Brackenbury
b- ca 1916, in BC
daughter- Violet Brackenbury
b- ca 1918, in BC

Yor? Shee
CNR Section Hand
b- ca 1895 in China

Mon Ching
CNR Section Hand
b-ca 1887, in China

Bull Lam
CNR Section Hand
b- ca 1890, in China

Aug 1926- T. Erkman was injured at the Amsbury mill

Sept 1927- Orval Kenney
Orval Hall Kenney
b- ca 1909, North Battleford SK
son of Brenton Kenney, b- May 1884, in NS
and Belle Hall, b- Yarmouth, NS

Orval married Jessie Eleanor Dellow
daughter of Edgar George Dellow, b- London England
and Jessie Devereaux, b- London England

Brothers of Brenton, Uncles of Orval:
Bert Kenney- b- Jan 1888 in NS
Edward Kenney- Dec 1899 in NS
All living on farms in Battleford SK area in 1911
on section 20, Township 44, Range 22, W 3rd

Feb 1928- William “Billy” H. Watt
second son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Watt, High River AB
married, Belle Frank, Dec 1, 1924, Presbyterian Manse, Prince Rupert BC
They had a son born Nov 6, 1927 in Prince Rupert
They also had a daughter.
Belle Watt was daughter of Mr and Mrs. Henry L. Frank, of Kitsumkalum
brother Frank Watt, High River AB visited Jan 1928

Nov 1930- G. Wilson

1940- Mr and Mrs C. R. Sawyer were at Amsbury.
Charles Ruffus Sawyer
b- Apr 25, 1894 in Hackney, London England
d- Jan 30, 1970 in Terrace BC
buried in Burns Lake BC
CNR Section Foreman
Father: Charles Rufus Sawyer
Mother: Mary Hannah Mouse
Charles married Elsie Nellie Mary Mould
Their daughter Elsie Christine Sawyer married George William Brackenbury from Kitwanga, in 1940 at the Remo School House.
Other daughters, Joan Sawyer, Donna Sawyer, Christine Ewing Sawyer, and Doris Sawyer


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