BC Tel- Copper Mountain Radio

North-West, British Columbia, Canada

BC Tel / Telus, Copper Mountain Microwave Radio Site

Located at Lat 54-30-41 and Long 128-27-07

One of the Main Sites in the Heavy Route System

This is a 3 story building, with 2 Cat D330 engines and battery room on the main floor,
and radio room in the middle floor, with a living quarter on the top floor,
with indoor bathroom, separate bedroom and kitchen.

The Antenna structure was built on top of the roof and Ice falling on to the roof caused damage,
so a heavy board roof was added above the tar and gravel to break the fall of the ice.

Copper Mountain Radio site- May 1972
Taken from the bottom of Airport Hill, on the Highway from Kitimat

Antenna structure on the roof of the building.
This picture shows the damage caused by Ice buildup
The first dish has collapsed, and bent in half
They don't work very good in this condition!

Tucker Sno-Cat at Copper Mountain
Front door can just be seen at front of snowcat
Looks like some digging to get in is required.

Brian Wolfe on his Polaris snow machine at Copper Mountain
Photos above from Brian Wolfe's collection

Copper Mountain Schematic layout

The road up to Copper was maintained with a small JD350 Cat.
Access was from the Old Lakelse Lk Rd, just past the Thornhill Dump Access Rd.
White-outs were common the road in the winter, and the picture following shows the result.

Tucker Accident on Copper Mountain
Ray Homeniuk, Driver
And to think they laughed at me for putting one in 3 feet of water at Zymoetz!

Ray and his Trophy!
Picture by Brian Wolfe, Ladysmith BC

Cat and another Tucker to get this one overturned and pulled out

Jack Stroet adjusting Thiokol Spryte track on Copper Mountain 1967-1968?
These machines were built low to the ground to reduce center of gravity and prevent rollovers but it caused a problem to get underneath them for minor repairs or adjustments.
No problem when there was snow on the ground

Jack Stroet, Teaching Track Adjusting Lesson
Step 1- Dig snow grave
Step 2- Climb in Grave and tighten track
Step 3- Fill in hole so you don’t drive in it later!

More Copper Mountain Photos


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