BC Tel- Clerical- Bar & Svc Center Reps

North-West, British Columbia, Canada

The Bar Clerks were the elite group in the the Clerk end of the business, They were the Business Account Reps and dealt with all the business accounts in the area. They I believe were the highest paid group. They had their offices originally next to the Facility men, in the the old Service Center at 3236 Kalum, between the CO and the Radio Department Garage. They as well as all the Service Center were moved to the 2nd floor, (which at that time was the top floor, now it has 2 more above that) of Manuel DaSilva's restaurant, which now houses Kitimat Stikine Regional District Offices. After the lease ran out there, Bar was moved to the basement of the Primary Center, just across the street, in what was half of the original Operators Lounge, in that building and then became a meeting room, after they were completely shut down, and their jobs moved elsewhere. Here they literally squeezed the ladies into this cubby hole. Another one of Rob Cumiskey's great plans.

Terrace Phone mart reps 1991

Terrace Service reps 1991

  • Linda Stewart
  • Betty Sterner (nee Guerreiro)
  • Rita Ames (nee Obzera) (reporter for Mackenzie Matters)
  • Jo Smith
  • Debbie Scarborough (nee Rushton) (reporter for Mackenzie Matters)
  • Sharon Knight (nee Basaraba)
  • Karen Lindenbach
  • Melba Colbourne (Truesdale) (reporter for Mackenzie Matters)
  • Aggie Callfas
  • Lorraine Lund
  • Joanne McKeown
  • Linda Paterson (neeThorsen)
  • Cindy Watson (MacPherson)
  • Jeanette (Jan) White (left in spring of 1991)
  • Sue Nurmi
  • Cheryl Lee Enright (nee Gillis) (b- Aug 17, 1954 in New Westminster BC, d- Oct 20, 2015, Terrace BC)
  • Lori Mitchell
  • Mike Tugwood (left in 1986)
  • Marguerite Colbourne
  • Sharon Packer, (nee Adams)
  • Maureen Elder (David) (became Teller in fall 1978) Became Facility Person
  • Jennifer Novikoff (came to Trrc in fall 1978)
  • Bonnie Potulicki
  • Linda Miller (1978)
  • Margaret Baxter (left in 1979 to Kamloops)
  • Rita Gillard (left in 1979)
  • Deanna Kohl (Svc Ctr Clerk 1979)
  • Lorraine Lorenzo (Serv Rep 1979)
  • Margerite Harper (teller 1979)
  • Glenna Dorrington (nee Trask) (resigned 1980)
  • Rose Cleve (1991)
  • Marilyn McRae (Tech Fred McRae's wife)
  • Marilyn Wolfe (nee Stubbins) (wife of tech Brian E. Wolfe)
  • Robyn Mitchell
  • Valerie Butterfield (Teletype Operator 1980)
  • Linda Hollands (ca 1980)
  • Barb DeKerf (ca 1980)
  • Ginette Daigle (ca 1980)
  • Bobbie Halvorsen (ca 1980)
  • Jan Hansen (ca 1980)
  • Debra Godfrey (ca 1980)
  • Jutta Chobotar (ca 1980- became const clerk)
  • Sandy Kroeker (ca 1980)
  • Peggy Paziuk (ca1980, became I&R clerk)
  • Joann Rogalsky (Teletype Opr 1981)
  • Barb Robinson (ca 1981)
  • Stephanie Drake (ca 1981)
  • Betsy Lomax (ca 1981)
  • Lorraine McDonagh (ca 1981)
  • Judy Austin (ca early 1970's)
  • Anita Shelton (married Guy Rushton)
  • Kay Parker (1975- Apr 1980)

I remember Kay Parker for a couple things, but the one I can relate here, is the time of the 1977 strike, and I was doing picket captain duty, on the line in front of 3236 Kalum St. Our Strike headquarters was in the old Taxi stand building, which stood across the street on the corner. I think at one time it was also the bus station in Terrace. That strike lasted through Christmas, and it was a cold winter. Across the street I seen this lady come towards the line, who was dressed like a million dollars. She had the makeup, the shoes, the jewellery, and to top it all off, she had on a mink coat, that didn't come out of the cracker jack box. I took one look at her, and explained we were on the picket line, asking for more money, more benefits etc. If John Q public seen her, they would think, what do they need more money for, looks like they have enough, based on her outfit. I then excused her, and told her to go sit in the warm headquarters, and next picket duty, come in more appropriate garb. Kay's husband operated the Esso Station and garage in Terrace, which was located where the Bank of Montreal roughly sits today.

Another one I remember is Bobbie Halvorsen. I think she owns the record for quitting and hiring on again, in the Terrace District. As was custom, donations were collected, for going away or quitting gifts. I think I must have contributed enough to furnish her house! Her husband was a long time firefighter in Terrace. Bobbie is one of the nicest persons around, still living and working in Terrace.

Mike Tugwood is the son of Maggie Tugwood, who was a Terrace Operator for many years. Mike was Secretary-Treasurer of Local 33, for a few years. Mike was part time for years, and when he was asked his opinion of the situation, by a Vice-President, that came on a “royal visit” he voiced his concern. Shortly after the visit, he was let go. Guess the big shot didn't like the answer. Don't ask the question, if you aren't prepared to get that type of an answer now and then. He was a good worker, but that didn't matter.

Jan White was Convention Delegate for Local 33.

These Clerks, and others, worked hard for the Company, They received many rewards as the Company Magazine showed. Their final reward was getting stabbed in the back on their closure. I am sure they would trade all the trinkets, and gifts, They were given over the years, For doing a great job for the Company, To having their jobs back in Terrace, or wherever.

I predict all those in 2005, that crossed the picket lines, thinking they will make a ton of money, with some Company incentive plan, will end up with the same fate. If they think Telus has their best interest at heart, ask one of the Phone Mart Reps from Terrace! Time will tell, and the truth will come out in the end. Your job will be in Mexico, or India next! OK I was wrong, it ended up in the Phillipines! If you think it will not happen to you, call anyone on this list, see what they say! Never sell your future!


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