BC Tel- Clerical- Phone Mart- Terrace

North-West, British Columbia, Canada

Once upon a time BC Tel and Telus actually wanted to sell phones, and actually have a customer presence, with a real person.
Back in the early 80's BC Tel came up with the idea of Phone Marts. Where phones etc would be put on display for sale.

Display Located at Prince George Railway and Forest Industry Museum

The old Commercial office in the front of 3236 Kalum St. was put to use, and was operated until ca 2000, when Telus closed the doors,
Eventually they sold the building to the Salvation Army Thrift Store.

The Phone Mart Open House was Mar 21, 1980.

Lynn Chemko

Betty Sterner Living in Tterrace (2017)

Debbie Letawski Debbie is now in charge of the George Little House, which has been moved to be used for the Terrace Via Rail station, and the Terrace Tourism Board.
Worth a visit to check that out, and say Hi to Debbie. also working with Debbie now is Donna Stach, ex Telus clerk.

Diane James Diane was forced to move to Vancouver with the office closure in Terrace

Lynn Straw

Janis Jefferis (see photo above)
Received a nice email from Janis Morrison, nee Jefferis
Started in 1978 as an Operator, Switched to Serv. Rep. above Dasilva's restaurant, Left Phone Mart in Aug 1981, to become a Certified Dental Assistant.
Note- She corrected me on the spelling of her name.

and probably more names I missed

With all the sales these ladies made, every issue of Mackenzie Matters contained a picture, of one or more of them receiving a gift etc.


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