CNR Locomotive #6015

Jasper, Alberta, Canada

I was going to carve a steam locomotive for my brother in 2009,
and doing this I needed some detailed pictures of a locomotive.
This is the reason I took these photos.
Instead of throwing the pics out, I thought someone else, might like these photos,
and use them for painting or carving.
All taken ca 2009

Overall Side View #6015

Description Plaque

CN Steam Locomotive 6015 Mountain Type Class U-1-A

Built in 1923 by Canadian Locomotive Co. Kingston ON.

Photo courtesy Ron Paquin,
Part of his father Frederick “Fred” John Paquin's Collection.
Fred was about 17 at the time 6015 was built. Ron's comment- While sorting through some old photos I came upon a 6-3/4“ x 16-5/8” photo of engine 6015
With the men who built her at Kingston in 1923. An arrow points to my Father who worked on her.
It is possible that the men who worked on 6015, each received a copy of this picture, but I don't know if any other are left.“

  • Length- 90ft 4 1/4”
  • Width- 10ft 8 3/4“
  • Height- 15ft 3”
  • Weight- 577,000 lbs
  • Diameter of Drive Wheels, 6ft 1“
  • Tender Capacity- 10,000 gals, 45,460 litres
  • 17 tons of coal

Placed on display at Jasper AB on July 1972

This locomotive once worked the Toronto-Montreal run

and many more!


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