Jasper, Alberta

Jasper, Alberta, Canada

Originally a railway siding on the Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad.
The Townsite was surveyed in 1913, and the name Jasper was chosen at that time.

Jasper was originally called “Fitzhugh”.
named after Earl Hopkins Fitzhugh Jr.

(another picture below)
b- Feb 1, 1853, Danville, Montgomery Co., Missouri, USA
d- Jan 4, 1930 in Kingston, Frontenac Co, ON, Canada, age 76.

He was General Manager, and First Vice-President (1912),
and Director of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad.
father- Earl Hopkins Fitzhugh Sr.
b- 1816 in Tennessee, USA
mother- Mary Ann Morrison
b- 1825 in Virginia, USA

Educated in the Public Schools in St. Louis.
Mr. E. H. Fitzhugh Jr. started out his career as a Banker.
Then as a Clerk in 1873, with the St. Louis, Kansas City and Northern Railway.
That Railway was absorbed by the Wabash Railroad.
1889-1896 he was Master of Transportation for the Western Division of the Wabash Railroad.
It was here where he met Charles Melville Hays,
who later became President of the Grand Trunk Railway, and the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway.
When Hays became President, he called for Fitzhugh to join him.
Fitzhugh was in the running for Hays successor, when Hays died on the Titanic in 1912.
1896 Fitzhugh came to Toronto as Superintendent of the Middle Division of the GTR, and was rapidly promoted.
ca April 1901 he resigned as General Manager of the Vermont Central.
Briefly in July 1901 he was assistant to the President of the Southern Pacific Railroad.
President of Southern Pacific at the time? Charles M. Hays of course.
Returning as the 3rd vice-president of the GTR.
Aug 19, 1907 he was elected Vice-President of the Pembroke Southern Railway Company, and Charles Hays elected President.
1908-1909 he was Treasurer of Atlantic and St. Lawrence Railroad in New Hampshire, address shown as Montreal Quebec,
and Charles M. Hayes was shown as President of the same Company, also living in Montreal.
ca 1910 he was made 1st Vice-President of the GTR.
At one point ca 1906, he lived at 1078 Sherbrook, Montreal, Quebec
1911 at 462 Sherbrook, St. Antoine, Montreal, Quebec, with wife and daughter
when he died he was shown as retired, formerly Vice-President of GTR, so he never made it to President, reason shown below.
In 1919 he sued the Grand Trunk Railroad for $200,000.00, claiming they were trying to ruin his career.
He alleged there was a conspiracy to force his resignation, and to prevent his employment elsewhere.
In Nov 1921 the case was still ongoing, before they finally settled the case out of court.
He is also shown as former President of Central Vermont Railroad.
Also President of Southern New England Railroad Company, a subsidiary of the GTR.
He lived in New London, Conn, USA, per 1914 newspaper article, 1920 census, and ca 1923 article.
One article says it was a summer cottage here.
Another says he came in 1907, rented a cabin on Ocean Beach, liked it, and moved his office and family there.
His friendship with Charles Hays was so great, he greeted the Corinthian when it docked in 1912,
with Hays Widow, and daughter, after the Titanic disaster .

Spouse- Ida. M. Fitzhugh
b- Feb 1858 (1860?) in Ohio, USA
An Ida Mae Fitzhugh died age 91 in Chicago, same person?

daughter- May Ida Fitzhugh
b- Oct 1900 in USA

siblings of Earl Hopkins Fitzhugh Jr. :

Mary Isabel Fitzhugh
b- 1842 in Montgomery, Missouri
d- bef 1907
William Thomas “Will” Fitzhugh
b- 1845
d- bef 1907
Richard Madison Fitzhugh
b- 1847
d- bef 1907
Samuel Jacob Hopkins “Sam” Fitzhugh
b- 1849 (1850?) Montgomery, Missouri
d- aft 1907
John Lee Fitzhugh
d- in infancy

Left /Right- E. H. Fitzhugh, Alfred W. Smithers, W. D. Robb, Charles M. Hays, H. Deer, A. B. Atwater and W. E. Davis - ca 1910
Photo courtesy: Charles Melville Hays Collection / Library and Archives Canada / PA-021871

Note- Smithers BC was named after

Sir Alfred Waldron Smithers
d- Aug 22, 1924, in London England, age 74
who was Chairman of the Grand Trunk London Board of Directors, GTR.
2nd from left with his hand in his pocket.
He was appointed Chairman ca: Oct 1909.
He was Vice-Chairman before this.
He was the son of William Henry Smithers, of the Bank of England.
He became a Director of GTR in 1895.

Extreme right- William E. Davis
b- ?
Passenger Traffic Manager, GTR.

Charles Melville Hays is in the middle on the walking board. President and a Director of GTR.
Melville SK named in his honour.
The man responsible for this railroad extension.
Google Mr. Hays and lots of history recorded on him.

Almon Byron Atwater-
b- Nov. 19, 1845, Sheffield, Ohio
d- ?
son of John T. and Matilda E. Atwater, nee Hill.
Educated at Kingsville Ohio Academy and Austenburg Institute
married Jane Thompson, July 2, 1872, at Bertie, Welland, ON.
Mar 12, 1872 Buffalo, Erie, NY in another record.
General Superintendent GTR, joined GTR in 1902.
Detroit seems to be his headquarter area.
Atwater street in Detroit named after him I think?
Atwater SK named after him for sure.
Retired in 1922 after 58 years in railway service.
1930 he was in Pasadena CA

William Doig “Billy” Robb
b- 1857 in Longueuil, Canada, near Montreal
d- June 23, 1947
buried in Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal
1902 appointed Superintendent of Motive Power of GTR.
1922- Vice-President and General Manager of GTR, later CNR
First Canadian to achieve this high in the Company
Began his career in 1871 as Apprentice Machinist.
retired age 74, after 60 years service.
son of Joseph M. Robb and Susan Farquharson Doig

He married Catherine Haggart Black
daughter of James Black and Helena nee ?

Henry Deer
b- ?
d- ?
Assistant Secretary, GTR
no wonder I couldn't find him in Canada
He was based in London England,
With H. H. Norman, also shown as a Secretary,
They would have been the President and Vice-President's secretary in London.
H. Deer was shown as Sir Charles Rivers Wilson's Secretary, Aug 1909
Before Charles M. Hays took the President's position.

The Heritage Jasper CNR station today on Connaught Drive, was built in 1926.
The original station was built by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, which was built from Winnipeg MB to Prince Rupert BC, and came thru Jasper in 1911.
The original GTPR station burnt down in the morning on Dec 14, 1924.
Fire started at 5 am in the baggage room, and strong winds, and cold, made fighting the blaze by Jaspers Volunteer Fire Department impossible.
It was engulfed in 30 minutes.
The building was covered by Insurance.
Temporary CN Telegraphic offices were set up in the Customs Building.

Today (2012) Parks Canada owns the restored building.
Designated a National Historic Railroad Station (1992)

In 1912 All of the Directors of the Grand Trunk Railway except Charles M. Hays, lived in London England.

In 1902 Charles Hays asked the Dominion Government for approval to build a railroad to the Pacific.

In 1903 the government passed the National Transcontinental Railway Act, and they granted the charter for the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway.

The Grand Trunk Pacific was built almost entirely on the old “Jasper Trail”, one of the oldest Native Indian Pack Trails, in the Canadian Northwest, at that time.

Views on Connaught Drive, Jasper Alberta

Connaught Drive

Athabasca Hotel

Jasper Train Station

Fitzhugh Post Office History

Federal Electoral District: Edmonton (AB)

Office Opened- Feb 1, 1912
Name changed to Jasper- June 1, 1913

Name of Postmaster Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
William Simpson Wiseman
(see below)
Feb 1, 1912 Mar 3, 1912 Resignation
Miss J. C. Hammond July 1, 1912

This reproduction is NOT represented as an official version of the materials reproduced, nor as having been made in affiliation with,
or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada. The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

William Simpson Wiseman
b- June 18, 1888 in Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland
d- ?
1911- William S. Wiseman was Timekeeper, for a Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Camp
Roman Catholic, Immigrated to Canada in 1900.
West of Edson AB, at Tsp 50, Rge 26, W5

He enlisted in WWI in Edmonton, Jan 5, 1915
next of kin, Mother- Mary Curtiss in Bashaw AB
William was shown as a farmer, not married.
shown as a Sergeant, reg #432200

Homesteaded Sec 16, Tsp 43, Rge 17, W4 father- William C. Wiseman, mother- Mary Shank Orr Brother- Vincent Orr Wiseman, b- ca 1885 in Hamilton Lanarkshire, Scotland

William married a Margaret nee ? b- ca 1891 in England daughter- Emelia Wiseman, b- 1920 in AB 1921 family living on Sec 14, Tsp 43, Rge 17, W4, Melrose AB

No sign of Miss J. C. Hammond, and not too many single women in this area at this time.

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