Shand School #2927

Shand, Saskatchewan, Canada

Shand School #2927 located in the Hamlet of Shand, across the road from Mr. Peterson's brick home.
Located in the NW Corner of NW Section 3, Township 2, Range 7, W2

School on left in photo above.
Located on the North side of the Hamlet

Shand itself was located on NW Section 4, and NE Section 3, Township 2, Range 7, W2
The School was one room, made from Shand Brick

Part of my Dad's 1927 Map

As you can see I had Nygren School 977 written on this map at this location, which is false.
Nygren School is south of Estevan, just west of this district.

1924- J. G. Peterson was Sec-Treasurer of this School District
1936-1937- Mrs Victoria Hill taught school here. She was born in Bienfait

Shand School District # 2927


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