Rockland School #800

Cateville, Saskatchewan, Canada

Part of My Dad's 1927 Map

Located on NE Section 22, Township 4, Range 4, W2

Mar 6, 1903- Rockland School District #800 was officially formed.

May 1, 1903 the district was allowed to borrow $800 for erecting, furnishing and equipping a School House here.
Charles Byers was Treasurer, address- Alameda, Assa.

Charles Byers
b- Sept 19, 1853 in ON
d- Aug 9, 1911 in Moose Jaw SK
son of Robert and Jane Byers
married Margetta Isabella “Margret” Gillett, nee Ingram Feb 22, 1888, Millbrook, ON
b- July 7, 1868 in ON
d- Feb 10, 1960
buried in Annandale, Wright Co, MN, USA daughter of Robert and Rebecca Ingram
had a son Charles “Charlie” Waverly Byers (Jr)
b- July 6, 1889 in ON
son- Lewis G. “Louis?” Byers
b- July 14, 1890 in ON
daughter- Hazel Verna Byers
b- Aug 11, 1895 in Peterborough, Ontario
Hazel married Homer Dunton
daughter- Edrie Alberta Byers
b- Feb 6, 1905 in Alameda SK
daughter- Eilene Byers
b- ca 1907 in SK
son- Donald Byers
b- ca 1909 in SK


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