Poplar School #801

Saskatchewan, Canada

Part of My Dad's 1927 Map

Located on NE Section 7, Township 2, Range 1, W2

South of Oxbow and Glen Ewen

Aug 25, 1903 the District received authorization to borrow $1,000 to build a new frame School house
Treasurer's Address- C. E. Duncan, Glen Ewen, Assiniboia

Charles Edwin Duncan
b- 1873 in ON
d- 1942 in Glen Ewen
buried in Glen Ewen wife- Minnie Jane Duncan, nee Thorpe
son- Cliffton Edwin Duncan, b- apr 16, 1900 in Glen Ewen, SK
daughter- Edna Pearl Duncan, b- June 2, 1902 in Glen Ewen, SK
daughter- Gertrude Agnus Duncan, b- Apr 23, 1905 in Glen Ewen, SK


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