Robert Edward Tucker

Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada

Reg #959 and Officer #O.135

Robert Edward “Ed” Tucker
b- June 20, 1864 in Bideford, Devon, England
His birth was registered bet July-Sept 1864 in Bideford Reg District, Devon England, Volume: 5b Page: 521
d- Aug 25, 1924 at his home, Quadra St., Lake Hill, Saanich BC, age 60
buried in Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria BC
Son of Robert Tucker and Margaret (Julia) Shapton (See Tucker Genealogy below)

Robert Edward Tucker married Josephine (Josie) Poett, Dec 26, 1895 in Anglican, Church of England, at Maple Creek, NWT (SK)
b- Dec 20, 1875 in Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada
d- June 7, 1957 at Oak Bay, Victoria BC
buried in Royal Oak Burial Park, Saanich BC, Canada
Turns out Josephine was in Maple Creek in 1891 with her Poett family, and her dad was a Vet, working for the NWMP, Josephine was shown as a vet assistant in ON, probably for her father
Daughter of Staff Sergeant (Dr.) John Luke Poett and Merdina McDonald (See Poett Genealogy below)

Came to Canada, shown age 11, Nov 9, 1875 to Quebec City from Liverpool England on board SS Scandinavian, with parents and older brother Thomas. No sign of brother John on this boat.
They were all heading to Stratford Ontario
Enlisted in the NWMP Sept 18,1883 in Regina. He was recommended by his brother Thomas Tucker in Regina at that time. He served all over the west, and up in the Yukon. He was a veteran of the NW Rebellion and served at Battleford. His final 2 years with the NWMP were spent at Dawson, YT.
July 21, 1882 had a medical examination at Regina, Age 19 years, 1 month
But shown Enlisted in Regina Sept 18, 1883? A year later?
In charge of a lumber yard in Indian Head when he enlisted, in NWMP, single.
Had to sign up for a 5 year term first, like all new recruits in the Force
Constable- Sept 18, 1883- Dec 31, 1885
Corporal- Jan 1, 1886-Jan 23, 1887
Sergeant- Jan 24, 1887- Sept 17, 1888
signed up for another 3 yr term at Maple Creek SK, Sept 18, 1888
Sept 18, 1891 signed up for 3 more years at Battleford SK
1891 census shows he was in Battleford SK, age 26
Sept 1, 1893 appointed Sergeant Major
Jan 8, 1889 he was in Medicine Hat and charged with breach of dicipline for not arresting a fellow officer for drinking.
He faced 3 charges in his early career, one he was fined $30, other 2 he was reprimanded for only.
Apr 18, 1894 he was recommended for promotion by William Pridham, MP, to rank of Inspector, name shown as Edward here,
So he went by his middle name “Edward” for sure now, as I have seen this in other documents.
He was in Maple Creek SK. at this time.
He was now being considered for a Commissioned Officer.
Apr 1897 his brother John Tucker in Moosomin SK. wrote to his MP asking for promotion consideration of his brother.
Sept 18, 1897 signed up for another 3 year term at Maple Creek SK.
Jan 7, 1898 signed a legal release to serve in the Yukon
Jan 22, 1898 went to the Yukon in one source, another claimed he left Jan 12th 1898 to Vancouver in charge of 19 men, heading to Skagway on the Danube, leaving Vancouver, then to the Yukon.
The Canadian Pacific Navigation Co. owned the Danube, a steel single-screw steamer, 887 tons, 215.6 feet in length, built by John Elder at Govan, Scotland in 1869
This would be the start of the NWMP Diary/Journal shown below
I know he served in the Boer War, part of the NWMP Regiment sent, but found no exact dates of his service there (1899-1902)
1901 on the steamer SS Victorian, shown as a father?, policeman. Age 36, Sgt. Major salary $1200
Apr 16, 1903 a letter was written on his behalf from Dawson Yukon, asking for a raise for him, as his duties were heavy compared to the Staff Sergeant who received the same pay. He got a raise to $1.75 a day from $1.50
Sept 18, 1903 in Dawson, “B” Division, he re-applied for a 5 year term, and showed his wife living at Maple Creek SK., no children
Apr 1, 1904 promoted to Inspector at $1000 per year
1904 he was being transferred from Dawson to Whitehorse.
June 25, 1904 he asked his wife be moved to the Yukon.
Aug 4, 1904 they both left Maple Creek heading to Vancouver, then the Yukon
Sept 1907 he was being transferred to Coutts AB, and was looking at the house provided.
Feb 7, 1908 Justice of the Peace at Coutts AB
Aug 1, 1909 stationed at Entwhistle AB located on the new Grand Trunk Railroad while it was being built
Aug 1909 appointed Justice of the Peace He was in charge of a patrol along the new railroad West of Entwhistle at that time
Dec 6, 1909 appointed Commisioner of Police for BC and Alberta
Oct 1910 they were looking for a house in Cardston AB for him.
Nov 12, 1910 he was in Prairie Creek, with 4 constables patrolling the whole new GTP line for illegal liquor, and illegal gambling
Oct 1, 1913 shown as Inspector Tucker Cammanding “D” Division MacLeod
1916 census, Police Inspector living with wife Josephine in MacLeod AB, age 53, shown immigrating in 1881 here? Shown immigrating in 1878 everywhere else
1917 he was in Claresholm AB
Feb 1, 1920- promoted to Superintendent. salary of $1900 / year.
1921 Census, Supt at Dawson City, shown married
Sept 1, 1922 he retired after 3 months paid leave, after 39 years service, and was granted a pension for life. Plus a paid move anywhere in Canada he wanted to go from the Yukon. He Went to Victoria obviously, where he died.
1924- Estate valued at $2,127
Pallbearers at his funeral, all ex-RCMP: Sgt. George Lymburne Service, Col. James Osgoode Wilson, Lt-Col. John Farquhar Burnett, Col. John Alexander McGibbon, Capt. Charles Tennent, Capt. Charles Francis Lethbridge Money.

Now why did I research this fellow?

In April 2019 I received an email from a fellow that had a 1898 NWMP diary but didn't know who it belonged to. The signature in the front was fancy writting, and very hard to read. I took a guess at the first part of his surname, and thought middle name was an E. but couldn't figure out the R first name, or rest of surname. Then I found his signature on a known document, compared the 2, and rest is history as they say.
For nearly 100 years it was an undocumented diary. Now we know the person who wrote it, and some of his story.

Couple pictures below courtesy Robert A. Stein,
From the 1898 Diary/Journal, his Great Grandfather acquired in his Yukon days.
“My great grandfather was in Dawson during the gold rush, then moved to and settled in Fairbanks Alaska.
His name was Abraham Stein, and he owned a dry goods store in that city for a number of years
Robert is still trying to figure out how his GGrandfather acquired the item. Another mystery

1898 NWMP Diary/Journal owned by Robert Edward Tucker, while he lived in Maple Creek NWT (now Saskatchewan) Canada

The Signature in the front of the Diary, a mystery since last entry by Robert Edward Tucker.
The right signature was from a known document he signed

Father- Robert Tucker
b- 1830, Buckland Brewer, Devon, England
Baptized June 9, 1830
d- Oct 1897 Crediton, Devon England
farmer of 80 acres in 1871 living in East Eakworthy, Buckland Brewer, Devon, England
buried- St Cyr and St Julitta Churchyard, Newton St Cyres, Mid Devon District, Devon, England

Mother- Margaret (Julia) Shapton, married Oct 29, 1853 in Bulkworthy, Devon, England
b- Jan 1836, Buckland Brewer, Devon, England
baptized Jan 24, 1836 Buckland Brewer, Devon, England
d- Nov 16, 1898 in Mitchell ON, age 64
daughter of Samuel Shapton (1793-Dec 2,1837) and Mary Heal (1792- Sept 17,1848) who married Nov 9, 1815 in Buckland Brewer, Devon, England

Nov 9, 1875 Robert Tucker age 45, his wife, Julia Tucker age 40, and children Thomas age 16, and Ed, age 11,
Came to Quebec City from Liverpool, heading to Stratford Ontario, on the SS Scandinavian

Grandfather- Robert Tucker
b- Oct 18, 1801in Eggsford Devon, England
d- Aug 17, 1869 Northam, Devon, England, age 70

Grandmother- Fanny Moore
b- 1804 Tawstock, Devon, England
d- July 14, 1880 in Buckland Brewer, Devon, England

Great Grandfather- Andrew Tucker
b- 1771 in Eggsford, Devon, England
d- 1880, Torrington, Devon England

Great Grandmother- Elizabeth Davey
b- 1774
d- 1840

Siblings of Robert Edward Tucker

John Tucker
b- Aug 26, 1855 in Bulkworthy, Devon, England
d- 1918 in Unity SK
Buried in Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Unity, SK
This is the John Tucker who was in Battleford, Hardware Merchant, and in Mossomin SK after that.
I found a letter from John Apr 14, 1897, living in Moosomin SK, recommending his brother Robert for a promotion.
John Tucker was very important in the formation of IOOF in all the Prairie Provinces. Feb 1894 appointed Grand Master of the IOOF
He came to Weyburn to set up the IOOF Lodge there, with Thomas his brother elected as one of the head officials.
Feb 15, 1915 he wrote another letter supporting his brother Robert be promoted to Superintendent. So now I know I do have the correct John Tucker listed
Apr 21, 1886 he was S.W. (Senior Warden) of the Moosomin Masonic Lodge, Moosomin, Assiniboia
Immigrated in 1873 in numerous sources, (1868 in 1916 census)
Found an article that had his bio, says he came to Ontario in 1875, then came to Manitoba in 1880
1891 census- family in Broadview, Assiniboia (SK) shown as a Machinist
1901 census- family in Moosomin, ? Agent.
1906 Census- family in Moosomin SK, 5 children, all born in Moosomin SK. living on Front St.
1911 Census- Just him and daughter Alma? in Battleford, operating a hardware store
1916 Census- in Battleford SK with wife, daughter Mina and son Edward, operating a Hardware Store
Partner in McCurdy & Tucker, machinist shop in Moosomin SK.
1894 Commissioner for taking affidavits in Moosomin
One of the pioneers of Sidney Manitoba
1896 travelled to Dallas Texas for a IOOF convention

married Mary Jane “Jennie” Heal
b- Aug 14, 1855 in Mitchell, Ontario, Canada
d- Dec 16, 1936 in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada, age 82
Funeral was held in Unity SK
Buried in Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Unity, SK
One of the early settlers, moved west to Portage LaPrairie MB with her husband in 1881
4 years later they moved to Moosomin, where they lived until 1911
Moved to Unity SK until John died in 1918
She moved to Saskatoon and lived there until 1924
She moved to Yorkton SK in 1924
she was survived by 4 daughters and 2 sons

daughter of William Heal b- May 14,1832 Buckland Brewer, Devon England
d- Sept 7, 1918 Fullarton, Perth, ON, age 86
mother- Elizabeth Heal
b- 1827 in England
d- June 3, 1900, age 73 her parents were married bet Apr-June 1854 at Bideford Reg dist, Devon, England
Both are buried in Bethel-Munro Cemetery, Fullarton, Perth, ON

9 children I know of:

Gertrude Tucker
b- Oct 7, 1880 in ON
d- bef 1971

Frank Arnold Tucker
b- Sept 20, 1882 in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada
d- Feb 8, 1971, in Edmonton AB, age 88
married and had 3 sons

John Clifford Tucker
b- Aug 28, 1884 in Moosomin NWT (SK)
d- May 6, 1951 in Abbotsford BC
married Mary Hart (Mazie) McLean
had a son and daughter both deceased

Alina (Alma) Blanche Tucker
b- June 29, 1886 in NWT (SK)
d- Dec 21, 1960 in Saskatoon SK
married John Duncan McLeod from Moosomin
she was one of the First graduates of the Regina Normal School, in 1906, a Pioneer SK teacher.
Lived in Saskatoon for more than 30 years.
survived by 3 daughters

Julia Adella (Della) Tucker
b-Nov 24, 1889 in NWT (SK)
d- bef 1971

Ralph William Tucker
b- Aug 1, 1893 in Moose Jaw, NWT (SK)
d- 1975
Buried in Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Unity, SK

Mina Elizabeth Tucker
b- Sept 16, 1895 in Moosomin, NWT (SK)
d- July 23, 1981 at the Bradley Centre, Chilliwack General Hospital, Chilliwack BC
survived by 2 daughters
married Ernest “Ernie” C. Tregale, lived in Victoria BC in 1971

Edward Redvers Tucker
b- Feb 1, 1900 in Moosomin, NWT (SK)
d- Mar 14, 1981 Peace Arch Hospital, White Rock, BC
Attended University of SK 1919-1920, Pharmacy, lived in Unity at that time.
lived in Yorkton in 1949 as a Pharmacist, married
Lived in Saskatoon 1974, retired, wife Muriel

(Can't read first name?) Franklin Tucker
b- ca 1907 in Manitoba
d- bef 1971

I find it sad that a fellow this important to the Oddfellows in Western Canada isn't recorded anywhere, and we don't even know when he died other than 1918?

Thomas (Tom) A. Tucker
b- abt 1859 Buckland Brewer, Devon, England
d- Weyburn SK, buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Weyburn SK
Immigrated Nov 9, 1875
Thomas was living in Regina SK in 1895, and as early as 1883 as he recommended Robert for the NWMP while living in Regina
Thomas moved to Weyburn 1899 and started the First Store there, a Hardware Business.
Built a large stone house in Weyburn, same time.
1900 appointed a notary public in Weyburn
1902 he was an officer of the Weyburn Board of Trade

Wife- Catherine Short
b- ca 1867 in Regina SK
d- Jan 19, 1896, age 29, Regina SK
buried in Regina Cemetery, Regina SK
Her family lived in Regina and left to Prince Albert 3 years before she died of a sudden illness.
Her sister stayed with the family through the winter to look after the 2 remaining children

mother of 4 children I know of:
Edward Gordon Tucker
b- Dec 20, 1888 in SK
d- Oct 1971 in Pincher Creek?
married Jean Falconer Nov 1, 1912 at Pincher Creek AB

George Norman Tucker
b- Nov 23, 1890 in SK
d- Nov 13, 1891 in Regina SK
buried in Regina Cemetery, Regina SK

Edna M. S. Tucker
b- Apr 12, 1892
d- Mar 21, 1893 Regina SK
buried in Regina Cemetery, Regina SK

Thomas Stuart Tucker
b- Sept 7, 1894 in Regina SK
d- Aug 31, 1988 in Hernando, Florida, USA, age 93
Thomas Stuart Tucker married Apr 26, 1917 Hazel Rene Hurlburt, he was shown as a soldier
Then he married June 21, 1919, same person?? He was shown as a Dentist here. Maybe he had to go to war before they got married?
served in Canadian Army Dental Corps in WWI,
Rank- Captain, lived in Mitchell Ontario when he enlisted in Hamilton Apr 5, 1917. Mrs E. B. Tucker shown as his mother, see below

Thomas Tucker (Sr) remarried Eliza Babb July 7, 1897 at Swift Current, daughter of Richard Babb, of Mitchell ON
He worked for the Smith & Ferguson co. in Regina at that time.
Sgt Major Tucker, NWMP Maple Creek attended his brother's wedding
He was Secretary Treasurer of the Smith & Ferguson company from its formation
Feb 1899 he left to go to Weyburn to start his own company

Now I am also wondering why Weyburn has not named a street or anything for this first store keeper?
Most of these towns/cities name everything after past business men.
Can't find much on him in their history books either. Another mystery!

May 27, 1895 all 3 brothers were in Regina visiting their mother, who was visiting Thomas at the time. Last time they would see her alive no doubt.

Josephine’s father- Staff Sergeant (Dr.) John Luke Poett, Reg #O.24
b- Oct 18, 1840 in Scotland
d- Apr 14, 1895 in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada
buried in Maple Creek Cemetery, Maple Creek Saskatchewan, Canada
First Vet Surgeon for the NWMP. Graduated in 1860 from Edinburgh Royal Veterinary College in Scotland,
He practised in Ontario from 1869, first in London ON, then in Stratford ON, (In 1871 shown in Stratford ON.)
Served in Maple Creek, SK and Fort McLeod AB. Enlisted in Toronto in 1873, and again in Winnipeg in 1884.
He was the First Graduate Veterinary Surgeon of the NWMP Force.
Poett served under 2 commissions (1873-77) and (1884-95)
1874 he was the vet in charge of the horses on the NWMP march west

Josephine’s Mother- Merdina McDonald married in 1874 in London ON
b- 1850 Scotland
d- May 11, 1937 in Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria BC, Canada, age 87
She lived in Battleford and Maple Creek SK after she was married
buried in Maple Creek SK
Moved to Stratford ON as a child, from Scotland with her parents

Josephine’s Siblings-
Annie C. Poett (married Fnu Lucey) b- ca 1870 (Josephine living with her in 1906) (both shown as widows)
Mary Poett- b- 1870 in ON
Kate L. Poett- b- Dec 20, 1873 in Stratford, ON, married George B. Garratt Oct 6, 1897 at Revelstoke BC
Margaret Poett- b- Aug 21, 1880 in Stratford, ON
Matthew Poett- b- July 1981 in ON
Maud Emily Poett- b- 1877, in ON; d- 1946

Men he went to the Yukon with Jan 12, 1898

Travelled on the Steamer “Danube”, Saturday, Jan 15th 1898, leaving Vancouver, heading to Skagway, then on to the Yukon.
Staff-Sergeant Tucker in charge, came from Maple Creek SK
From Regina SK- Corp Charles Tennent, Const John Cuthbert Ward, Const Walter Albert Ware, Const Pearson, Const Arthur Bertram Frank Solly,
and Const Gorgen Alfred Valdemar Hansen, Const Lewis William Elliott, Const Frederick John Batterfill Hosken, and Const John Leader
From Battleford SK- Constable Alloway
From Maple Creek SK- Corp Harry Willoughby Still, Const Thompson,
From Calgary AB- Const John Poyntz French, Const Frederick Trevor Young, and Const Orrin Wells Evans
From Macleod AB- Corp Wilson, Const Wilson and Const Lewis
Note- List in old newspaper article only had place of service, Rank and Surname. Researching their personnel record I have figured out some given names, which is my pet peeve in old records, no first names! Further research would be necessary to verify I have the correct names here. I do not guarantee I have the correct name. As you can see some are too “common” a name to figure out, and others just no proof in their record as to service in the Yukon. An initial might show up on a picture down the road to sort this out. Found one that deserted not long after he got there. Another left and shortly died in England. This was a cruel environment to work in. They were not the first in the District, as those members arrived in 1895. Those men would have had an even tougher time. Not only did they have to figure out how to live here, they had to abide by all the rules and regulations of the NWMP. If they left before their term, they had to buy their way out of the force. Hard to believe you had to pay to leave a job you decided you didn't want.

Note- Ext Links may or may not work in the future, as I do not control the links or their content

Robert Edward Tucker's Ceremonial Sword and Scabbard, given to him when he was made Major, was acquired in the 1970's and assume on display at the Fort Battleford National Historic National Park

NWMP Member Personnel Files

Book written about John Luke Poett- (no I do NOT have a copy)
Vet in the saddle : John L. Poett, first veterinary surgeon of the North West Mounted Police
Authors: Franklin M Loew; Edward H Wood
Publisher:Saskatoon : Western Producer Prairie Books, ©1978.

Book- Piecing the Quilt: Sources for Women's History in the Saskatchewan Archives
Ethel Reinan, Granddaughter of J. L. Poett taped her recollections of him.

John Luke Poett's headstone


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