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Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

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Game of Spring Cleaning

Hitting the Bucket Game

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Parts of the Watch Game

Try the Parts of the Watch Game today on 99% of the population.
Most can't tell time on this type of watch, never mind know the parts.

The Miner Song, Mar 2, 1927, Author Unknown

Song Lyrics “Man behind the Plow”, Mar 1, 1927, Author Unknown Well it turns out it was written by:
Words and Music by Thomas Payne Westendorf.
Copyright, 1882, W. F. Shaw.

Thomas Payne Westendorf
b- February 23, 1848 Bowling Green, Virginia, USA
d- April 19, 1923 Chicago IL., USA age 75

W. F. Shaw Music Publishing Company, based at 721 Vine St, in Philadelphia, PA, USA
Company started in 1886
Dec 6, 1891 their building was completely destroyed by a large fire.
Fire loss valued at $200,000
In 1889 the stock was capitalized at $325,000.00

William Frank Shaw (I think? not 100% on this guy)
b- ca 1846 in Philadelphia, USA
d- Apr 1, 1896 in Philadelphia, USA
son of John E. Shaw (b-1824 -d-Feb 26, 1882), and Matilda Carnell
His father was also a printer, died from injuries falling down stairs
married Cecelia Salinda Egee before 1870
b- Apr 29, 1849 in Philadelphia
d- Mar 20, 1913 Jenkintown, Montgomery, Penn, USA
She is buried in Vandergrift Buring Ground, Cornwells, PA
daughter of Robert Egee and Penelope McMullin


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