Western Dominion Collieries, Page 2

Taylorton, Saskatchewan, Canada

Western Dominion Collieries Ltd.- Page 2

Western Dominion Mine Camp

Western Dominion Mine Camp

General Store- Staff House, and Klimax Club

Recreation Hall- Staff Living Quarters

Truck Garage, Machine Shop, and Welding shop

Western Dominion locomotive

Western Dominion Coal Hauler

Coal Ad- Oct. 1933

Tuesday, Nov 11, 1948 picketed out
There was a battle in the coal fields for years, between Saskatchewan Coal Miner's Union, (claimed to be a Company Union) and United Mine Workers of America (UMWA)

Oct 1923 article on this mine

See my special Mr. Klimax Dragline web page, the world's largest dragline, when it was built.

Manager Chuck Doerr, claims sabotage
Nov 25, 1948

Snow was a problem for the mine spur in 1906.
Aug 3, 1907

Aug 25, 1942, mine had a big fire in the Coal Hopper.

1923 ad

View these pictures in better quality at the Bienfait Museum

Locomotive used at Western Dominion
Serial #3519. Model ML-8 type 3.
Standard gauge, with Cummins Diesel, Model HIP-600
located at Winnipeg Railway Museum
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in 1943 they mined 850,295 tons, and only paid a royalty on 534 tons, of $37.38, or 7 cents a ton.
This was coal mined under Provincial road allowances.
Hard to believe as the Province had to spend $1,000 to 2,000 on inspection services for this mine?
And they wonder why the public gets mad at the way companies operate and not pay their fair share.
In this case the company paid royalties to the CPR and the Hudson Bay Co., that owned the Mineral rights to the land under previous agreements,
and the province never worked on legislation to change this.
For how many years did this take place, and why didn't anyone notice this?
By the way this was in 1944 this was looked at. so for 50 years no Provincial Royalties? Who was paying off who?
Shows the power of the CPR and Hudson Bay Co.
I could see them getting money for leasing their property. But every small coal mine had to pay this royalty, but not some of the bigger mines, where it really counted.


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