M&S Coal Mine-1911

Taylorton, Saskatchewan, Canada

Mine Manager, ca 1907, to at least 1911:

William (Bill) Addie
b- Apr 1866, in Scotland
Immigrated in 1902
Living in Company House #20 in 1911, Presbyterian
married bet July-Sept 1896 in Leicester Reg Dist, Leicester, UK
Wife- Lizzie Addie, nee Munton,
b- Mar 1874, in Leicester, England, Religion- Anglican
Member of the Order of the Eastern Star in Estevan, ca 1919-20
Lizzie and 2 children immigrated in 1905
3 children:
Mavis Addie
b- July 1897 in district Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales
Vera Beatrice Addie-
b- Feb 1900 in district Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales,
Vera taught at Lignite School ca 1917
son- Collin Addie- b- 1909 in SK

Mine Foreman in 1911-
George Bruce
b- July 1876 in Scotland
Immigrated in 1907
Living in Company House #19 in 1911
Wife Ada Bruce, nee ?,
b- July 1875 in England
Ada and 2 sons immigrated in 1908
2 sons:
Wilfred Bruce, b- Nov 1903 in England
Kenneth Bruce- b- Aug 1905 in England

Other Mine Employees in 1911 living in Company Houses

note- some names are very hard to read, and correct spelling is doubtful

Boarding House
Mary Holley, a widow, b- Feb 1854 in Wales
her husband Samuel Holley,
d- Sept 27, 1910, age 48, buried in Taylorton Cemetery
Mary died Jan 20, 1938, also buried in Taylorton Cemetery
living with daughter- Maud Holley
Mark Binks
Alek Symotuk
John Smart
John Lowey
Cecil Jones
Dill Henderson
Thomas Smyth, wife Beatrice

House #1
Joseph Mould, wife Christina,
children, Dorothy & John

House #2
John Jirves, wife Jennie,
children, Mary, Simon, Fanny, Ellen

House #3
John Lechoicz, wife Annie,
daughter Mary
Fik Szczepan- Boarder

House #4
Terry Howenerzk(sp?)
John Lysze & Alek Lysze, Boarders

House #5
Harry Bozuk, wife Girtie,
children, John, Fred, & Mary
Boarders- Adam Sekowi(sp?), John Wayel(sp?),
Nick Reno, Pete Boruk, Steve Holycsuk
Nick Reno born in Bulgaria, Steam Foreman

House #6
Alex Wrict (sp?), wife Kate,
son Mack or Nock?
John Da??p, brother to Kate?
Steve Czezcweth(sp?), Dan Smaka(sp?), Nick Nemsof(sp?)

House #7
Pete Scknick, wife Annie,
daughter, Annie
Sam Chycuk, Joe Makesky Joe, Frank Dingas (sp?), boarders

House 8
Samuel Holley, wife Amelia,
son William

House 9
Mike Duzmiski, wife Georgina,
daughter Josie, all from Austria
Louis Lubinski- boarder

House #10
James Milne
Andrew Wilkie- boarder, both from Scotland

House #11
Frank Skimisk, wife Jane,
and son, Herbert, brother Nicol
Steve Mulemuka(sp?), boarder

House #12
Peter Powroznik, wife Mary,
daughters, Annie & Stefinia
Peter shown as Mine labourer

House #13
Chas Hewko, d- July 27, 1946,
wife Magdalena (Maggie) Hewko, b- 1885, d- 1918
both buried in Taylorton Cemetery
Living with them, children, Steve & Francis
Steve Muzusy (sp?), boarder
Mr. Hewko was a Track man,

House #14
Nicol Diczanik (sp?)
August Stenik, boarder

House #15
Alex Sorrebko (sp?),
wife Mary,
son Steve

House #16
Nellie D. Hurlbert, nee Poore, a Widow in 1911, b- USA
children, William, Benjiman, Floid (Floyd), Marian (Marion?), b- USA
Edna May, Walter, Gladys Violet b- SK, all near Oxbow
William Hurlbert and Benjiman Hurlbert were miners,
and Floid (Floyd) Hurlbert was a Switchman
Nellie's husband was:
Francis Marion Hurlbert
or Franklin Hurlbert
or Marion Francis Hurlbert,
take your pick!
1904 they were on Section 22- Tsp 4- Rge 2- W2 in Oxbow district
Immigrated in 1902 from USA
1905 census, more children, Elsie, & Lyle
she is shown as a wife, but no husband shown?

House #17
James Alfred Stock,
wife- Rose Emma, nee Fox,
married bet Apr-June 1877, reg dist of Lincoln, in Lincolnshire UK
children, Ernest Stock, Bertram Stock & Maud Hilda Stock
James Alfred Stock was a Blacksmith,
Ernest age 20, miner,
Bertram age 16, mine driver

House #18
Pit Boss- Alexander McGregor- b- Aug 1868, in Scotland
wife Isabella McGregor, nee Cowan, born in Scotland
children: James, Mary, & Annie- born in Scotland
William, Isabella, Maggie Cowan, & Alexander- born in SK
Isabella and Maggie in Roche Percee
James shown as age 16, Mine Driver

House #21
Archie Davidson, b- Feb 1875, in England, Steam Engineer
daughter Elizabeth Davidson, b- Aug 1905 in SK
his wife Nellie Davidson, nee Gilmore
d- Dec 26, 1909, age 26, buried in Taylorton Cemetery
Their son John Burnett b- Nov 7, 1909, d- Aug 17, 1910
Looks like Nellie died from birth complications


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