Havanah Collieries

Bienfait, Saskatchewan, Canada

Havanah Coal Company
(aka: Havanah Collieries Ltd., Havana, Havanna, & Havannah Coal Company)

South side of Highway 39, and West of Bienfait

Located at Township 2, Range 7, W2

Shown on the map in 1955 Bienfait History Book map, as south side of Highway 39, and west of Bienfait, between the North West Mine and Eastern Mine
By Dec 8, 1945 they had an agreement with District 18, U.M.A., (United Mine Workers of America)
June 5, 1946 they signed a wage agreement with the UMWA, District 18

Article in newspaper states owner Alex Wilson of Havana Collieries on Thursday Apr 8, 1948
announced the underground Mine would close, and all equipment would be sold. Alex claimed labour costs, were too high to be competitive with strip mining.
30 miners were affected. He blamed shorter work week, increased wages, and holidays with pay.
He said the Company may strip mine on an untouched block of land.

Pictures below sent to me by Margaret Cuddington from Gordon O. Cuddington's Photo Album, with a big Thank You!

See Cuddington Family History here

some of these photos I believe were from the Alex Wilson Collection

Alex started Havanah Mine in 1943 and operated it in a small way for 12 years

His wife was born at Havannah, Parr, Lancashire, and no doubt he named this mine after that name.

Tipple, ca 1944

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Copies of these photos were submitted to Saskatchewan Archives


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