Great West Coal Company

Roche Percee, Saskatchewan, Canada

2 miles East of Roche Percee

Range 6 -W2

This company owned Western Dominion Mines and also Old Mac Coal

Started in 1906 financed by a man named Kennedy in Brandon MB.
One article states first Incorporated in 1905 in Saskatchewan.
John Robert Brodie was it's accountant and sales agent.
This mine only operated for a few years, but the name continued with Mr. Brodie.
He later owned this Great West Coal Company, Operated by Mr John Robert Brodie, in Brandon. there is a John R. Brodie wing on the Brandon MB University, named after this man.

N. (Norman) M. Paterson and Sons had a subsidiary, Great West Coal, based in Bienfait, Saskatchewan.
Per their web site-
“N.M. Paterson and Sons strip-mined coal at Bienfait with the biggest dragline in Canada, an enormous crawler shovel named Mr Klimax.”
So now it appears John R. Brodie, sold this firm to N. M. Patterson & Sons. Or was partners with them.
Great West Coal Company Ltd name, still operated in 1980, maybe later.
Sept 1961 this company opened it's new mine near Estevan
new mine, new Modern Office buildings, new service facilities, and an all new metal screen tipple, served by 9 sets of tracks,
output capacity of 650 tons/hour.
Officiating at the opening ceremonies, President D. S. Paterson, Managing Director J. M. Brodie,
Hon Russ Brown, SK Minister of Industry and Information.
The company produced almost 10% of Canada's production in 1961.
Union 1963-1965- Roche Percee Coal Miners' Union
Sept 28, 1964 newspaper stated Loram Coal Co. Ltd. of Calgary, bought controlling interest in Great West Coal Co. from the Norman McLeod Paterson family of Winnipeg.
The business office moved from Brandon to Winnipeg under Paterson, and then moved to Estevan after this sale. Head sales office remained in Winnipeg, Head Office in Calgary.
The company also owned the Rosedale Mine in Sheerness Alberta.
Loram was a subsidiary of Mannix Co. of Calgary same as Utility Coals was at time. C. F. Doerr the General Manager of Utility Coals, was appointed Managing Director of Great West Coal Ltd.
May 1962, John Malcolm Brodie was Managing Director of this company, shown operating in Estevan, Brandon and Winnipeg.
He was appointed to the Dominion Coal Board, the first for someone from the Lignite Industry of SK.
Mr. J. M. Brodie was 42 at the time, born ca 1920 at Brandon
He attended St. John's Ravenscourt School in Winnipeg, Studied Mine Engineering at Queen's University, followed by Geological engineering at U of Manitoba.
Served with Royal Canadian Navy, 1941-45. Discharged rank of Lieutenant.
Joined the Great West Coal Company in 1945.
Appointed Managing Director in 1955.
He is a member of the Canadian Mining Metallurgical Institute.
there is a Memorial Bursary at Brandon University in his name
Now was he related to J. R. Brodie? my guess is yes.
found a John M. Brodie born July 15, 1920, that died
July 26, 1997 in Tempe, Maricopa, Arizona, 85282, same guy?
I know John R. Brodie died in Arizona
I know J. R. Brodie's wife's dad's name was Malcolm.
It all fits too close to not be true.

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