Eastern Collieries, Page 2

Bienfait, Saskatchewan, Canada

Eastern Collieries of Bienfait Ltd. -Page 2

Starting today July 8, 2009 Donna Wallace Kranyak sent me these great photos of the Eastern mine, and gave me permission to use them here.
The writing above, on the company envelope, is her grandmother's who just happened to be the owner, Herb Wallace's wife, whose name was Jessie.
So that makes Donna the granddaughter of Herb obviously.

These show a bad blizzard at the mine, but year is unknown.

We can clearly see this mine was on the CNR tracks in these photos.

Thanks for the photos Donna

The Eastern Mine had a Steam Shovel before they bought the Lorain 75B below.
I think this book is from that machine. Model number unknown at the present time.

Lorain 75B 1 1/4 yd diesel shovel below, made by the Thew Shovel Company in Lorain Ohio.

2 youtube videos

Then came more gems, including the next page photos

Unknown Cub, Jeff and Don Wallace

Pics below are not verified If you know who or where, let me know please. The houses (5 &6) might be in Estevan.

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