The Assiniboia and North-West Coal Company

Roche Percee, Saskatchewan, Canada

Company Legally formed Sept 11, 1896
Chief place of business was to be Roche Percee, Assiniboia, NWT
Propsed capital stock $6,000
300 shares at $20 ea.
Applicants, who were to become the First or Provisional Directors of the new Company:

  • George Frederick Gow, Roche Percee, Assiniboia, NWT, Farmer
  • Malcolm Campbell, Winnipeg, MB, Hardware Merchant
  • Fred Smith Chamberlin, Winnipeg, MB, Book-keeper
  • William Duncan Douglass, Winnipeg, MB, Hotel Keeper
  • Archibald McLaren, Winnipeg, MB, Hotel Keeper
  • Daniel Hugh Coates, Winnipeg, MB, Fruiterer (see Kingdon & Coates Mine for his Bio))
  • Thomas Nichol, Winnipeg MB, Manufacturer
  • William Andrew, Winnipeg, MB, Butcher
  • Ebenezer Freeborn Rutherford, Winnipeg, MB, Merchant


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