Leo Van Dorsten Mine Photos, 1923

SE Saskatchewan, Canada

Coal Mine Photos, taken near Bienfait SK

All 4 photos below taken by Leo Van Dorsten in 1923, sadly no mine name shown.
Submitted by his daughter Marlo Van Dorsten, Feb 2019.

Will try and figure out what mine this was in the future

I have compared these pictures with my other “known” mine photos and nothing fits. If Leo said he was at Bienfait in 1923,
that tells me this possibly is the First Crescent Mine, just East of Bienfait,
Or even the Bienfait Mine just south of Bienfait
Will remain a mystery for now.

b- Aug 1, 1895, in Walnut Grove, Redwood Co., MN, USA
d- Mar 19, 1990 Walnut Grove, Redwood Co., MN

Leo came to Canada first in May, 1917 heading to Winnipeg, via Fort Francis, single, shown age 20, as a farm labourer.
Leo came to Saskatchewan May 3, 1921 on the train, from Minot via Portal, heading to Regina to meet a friend L. E. Cood, to become a farmer.
Apr 26, 1922 he came thru Bannerman MB, heading first to Brandon MB on the railroad, eventually heading to Regina, to take up land, and farm in Canada
Somehow he ended up in the Bienfait area to be a coal miner.
Dutch nationality, single when he came to SK

father- Henry Martin Van Dorsten
mother- Rosina “Rosa” Schmidt


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