Bucyrus-Erie 320B Shovel

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Truax-Traer's Bucyrus Erie 320B Stripper Shovel
Picture taken by Rose Gesell taken ca1930
Some Specs from below:
Electric Shovel
8 cu yd bucket
90 ft Boom
Dipper Sticks 65 ft long
Weighed 600 tons
Height to top of metal on the house= 57 ft.
Made one operation in less than 1 minute

Sign on side of machine

description above on the back, sent to me Jan 24, 2012, by Mr. Roger Phillippe, with Thanks. His grandfather ran a Coal and Wood Depot in Regina in the 1920's. He probably sold this Monogram Coal from the Truax-Traer mine.

Used at the Truax-Traer Mine, Estevan, Sask.

This machine was moved later and used at Western Dominion Mine at Taylorton SK

At Western Dominion Mine, Taylorton

Now this one we can see the name and model on the side
It is a Bucyrus Erie Model 320B with Crawler Tracks.
The crawler tracks were an option they added to this model later.

First use of Crawler tracks in this design for the 320B was in 1925.
320B had a 7.5 cu. yd. bucket, upgraded in later models to 8 cu. yd.
Average working weight- 438 tons
they built 29, the last one in 1930.
when they first started making this model, It came with Rail Mountings first,
then later these crawler tracks were installed.
this is a huge top heavy machine, that took incredible engineering
to keep it from tipping over on uneven ground.

before it was moved to Western Dominion from Truax Traer mine, it was The First Stripping Shovel in the District

Pictures in bottom section, courtesy Alex Wilson Collection, submitted by Margaret Cuddington

More Photos of this machine, courtesy Duane Bill, on my Truax-Traer Coal Co., Page 2


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