Bucyrus-Monighan 500W Dragline

Estevan, Bienfait, Saskatchewan, Canada

Bucyrus-Erie 500W Dragline working at Klimax mine ca 1978

ca 1963- Construction Phase

I was wondering what dragline was built south of Estevan, in the early 1960's and then these pictures came in which we thought were Mr. Klimax, but turns out they are not.
A fellow in Pennsylvania cleared up the confusion.

I would like to first Thank Marjorie Turton, for most of these early dragline pictures taken with a Browne Bulls-Eye camera.

Mr Aaron Honyara from PA, USA thinks the pictures below are of another dragline, not Mr Klimax, the Marion 5800, That might explain the date error, 1963,
not 1958 when Mr Klimax was built. Also explains the Bucyrus sign on this one.
If it wasn't Mr Klimax my apologies. There is no doubt it is a dragline in the Estevan area, and no doubt built in 1963 or earlier.
But not Mr Klimax as originally thought.
Have to do some research on this one for it's name.
Marjorie told me she never got her films developed right away so the 1963 date might be misleading on these pictures as well, it probably is earlier.
Hope this clarifies the error. It was not intentional by Marjorie or myself.
Regardless, they are beautiful old pictures, and still worth including here.

Bucyrus Monighan 500W Dragline Under Construction

I believe this is the Bucyrus Monighan 500W, (see below)

Note this picture shows the starting of construction of the A frame, and House, motors etc.
on the top side of the A frame is a sign, Bucyrus Monighan,
In 1913, Oscar Martinson, of the Monighan Machine Company of Chicago, patented the “Martinson Tractor Drive” to create the first walking dragline.
In 1931, Bucyrus purchased the Monighan Walking Dragline Company of Chicago, Illinois, and changed its name to Bucyrus-Monighan Company.

Another view of the Bucyrus Monighan 500W dragline under construction

Well I thought this picture above was Mr Klimax, a Marion M7800, from a quick look at the sign on the side,
Picture above taken Apr 1958, but it wasn't. Here is the real story for this photo.
The sign actually says Buy Klimax Coal

“I think it is a Bucyrus 500W , they are about the same size and look similar, the 500W was made from 1946 to 1959 had 12 - 14 cu. yd. buckets, and 9 of them were made”. Nick
Thanks to Nicholas S. Koba Jr. for the correction

Picture above taken and donated to me by: Marjorie Turton, with Thanks!

Now what was the name of this one?

ca 1963- The Buckets

Duncan Turton stands in front of the Bucyrus Monighan dragline Bucket
Duncan was a Cat Skinner at Utility Mine.

Pictures of the Buckets used on the Bucyrus Monighan dragline
One on left appears to be the one above, by the style of the arch

The Boom

The Boom under Construction

Picture taken from the top of the Boom, looking down at the House
Note the Pickup Truck right top, and the end of the construction crane boom, is visible on the right side

Another View from the top of the boom, on the Bucyrus Monighan dragline

Thanks to Marjorie Turton, for these early Bucyrus Monighan dragline pictures taken with a Browne Bulls-Eye camera.


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