Bucyrus-Erie 170B

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Bucyrus-Erie 170B 10 Cu Yd. Shovel,
loading one of the older Cat DW20 Haulers, ca 1959
at Utility Coals, Boundary Mine

Euclid 70 Cu Yd Coal Hauler, being loaded by a Bucyrus-Erie 170B 10 Cu Yd Shovel, ca 1970

The Cat DW20's were replaced with this newer, and larger, Euclid Coal Hauler.
Haven't been able to find a model number on these.
These haulers carried the equivalent of a rail car full of coal

Exposed Coal Seam, ready for the Shovels to move in and load into the haulers, again Mr. Homer Bish's station wagon is visible, Manager of Utility Coals Ltd..

View of the Pits with the Euclid Hauler being loaded by the Bucyrus-Erie 170B shovel

Disclaimer Most of the Utility Coals pictures, unless shown as taken by Marjorie Turton, are from a Mannix Company, Employee Magazine,
titled “The Mannix Story” I didn't see no copyright remarks, in any of the issues,
If by chance they are copyright pictures, please notify me, and I will remove them ASAP.
Being of historical nature, and I am not charging for their viewing, I hope I have not violated any legal rights etc.
I also hope some of the old miners enjoy them!

in 1980 the Boundary Mine Manager was Wayne Kelly

check out this You Tube Video of the Utility Coal Mine Shovel, working ca 1963 Note- Not my video


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