Danina Lanfear

  • b- Feb 25, 1869 , Tain, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland
  • d- Oct 5, 1951 , 11A Vandyck Ave., Keynsham, Somerset, UK

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Her death was reported by Ethelwyn R. French (see below) Her Will went to Probate Jan 23, 1952 in London England name shown as Danina Lanfear. shown as wife of Charles Ernest Lanfear (the elder) Estate went to Charles Ernest Lanfear (the younger) Technical Brewer, and the Rev. Reginald Joshua Michael French, Clerk Effects- £ 2,774, 3s, 9d.

Danina was shown as a Teacher, age 45, married, when she immigrated to Canada Oct 31, 1914

Received her BA in 1894, University of Sydney, Australia, shown as Dannina Hunt, (Mrs. Lanfear) 1903 and 1905, she was in One Mile, Wide Bay, Queensland, Australia One Mile was a Quartz gold mining area, today a suburb of Brisbane. 1910 there is a Dannina Lanfear at Perth Australia, so looks like she left Australia, back to England, bet 1910 and 1911

1911- Danina Lanfear, shown age 42, at Hanley, Hanley Stoke Upon Trent, Staffordshire, England with her daughter Margaret Lanfear.

1918 shown as a Teacher in Kitsum Kelum BC (Kitsumkalum/Terrace)

Her father- John Hood mother- Isabella Grahame Both her parents were born in Scotland

She married Charles Ernest Lanfear, Nov 1, 1899 in Queensland, Australia who was a Brewer in Brisbane Australia. In 1903 he was in a lawsuit over a well that supplied water to a brewery he had just bought, called Charleville Brewery. He was involved in many lawsuits in his brewing career.

Charles Ernest Lanfear

  • b- Apr-June, 1867, London
  • d- Mar 31, 1953, Springfield Hospital, Wandsworth, London, SW 17. (death in Wandsworth Reg. Dist., London, England, age 86)
  • m- Nov 1, 1899

Charles Ernest Lanfear (Jr) (Son)

  • b- Oct 16, 1900, Rockhampton, Queensland
  • d- Jan 19, 1979, Brent, Middlesex, England
  • 1911 he was shown age 10, with his grandparents, Brentford, Ealing, Middlesex
  • When he died, he lived at 29 Inglis Rd, Ealing London, W5
  • His Will went to probate in Ipswich, Apr 4, 1979
  • Effects- £ 52,404
  • He was mentioned in his Mother's will

and also his Father's will. shown as a Technical Brewer, in his Father's will.

  • I found one document, 1925, he was an Assistant Brewer, Noakes and Co. Ltd. Black Eagle Brewery, Whites Grounds, Bermondsey

Margaret Emily Lanfear (Daughter)

  • b- 1904 in One Mile, Wide Bay, Queensland, Australia
  • d- 1999, Hertfordshire, England, age 95
  • shown age 17, in 1921 in Terrace)
  • shown age 10 1/2 in 1914 when she immigrated to Canada Oct 31, 1914)
  • 1911 Margaret Emily Lanfear shown age 7

at Hanley, Hanley Stoke Upon Trent, Staffordshire, England

  • Of course Margaret lived in Terrace BC from 1915-1931.

Peter Graham Lanfear (Son)

  • b- July 2, 1908 Victoria Park, Western Australia, Australia
  • d- he might have died 2010 in Queensland

(alt sp?- Paul Graeme Lanfear?)

  • I believe he served in WWII
  • I believe he married a Iris W. Simmons,

bet Apr-June 1941, Wandsworth Reg Dist., England

  • He was mentioned in his father's will

he was shown as a Brewer, like his father.

Frederick John Lanfear (Son)

  • b- Probably in Australia
  • d- possibly still alive

Possible Son

when her husband died he left a “Frederick John Lanfear” part of his estate. another possible son, who all became brewers like the father. Father had the 2-3 sons, she had the daughter. Frederick might prove to be a nephew, son of Thomas and Emily Lanfear

John Hood

  • b-Scotland
  • d-Scotland

*Scotland best guess

Isabella Grahame

  • b-Scotland
  • d-Scotland

*Scotland best guess

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