Herman Joseph "Slim" Knights

  • b- 1918 , unk
  • d- Mar 1, 1989 , Matsqui BC

Slim was adopted so birth records are slim, no pun intended

Thora and Slim Knights, 1952. Slim was the Grant Walkers Uncle, he married his dad Bud's younger sister, Thora Walker.

1952, left- Slim Knights, shaking hands with Russ Baker, right.

  • Slim was Operations Manager of Associated Air Taxi
  • He lived at 2733 west 41st Ave in 1953.
  • He once flew a single engine aircraft on a daring mercy flight from Jervis Inlet to Vancouver, end of Nov 1953.
  • Slim Knights and Jack Moul had a flying school at Sproat Lake, on Vancouver Island.
  • After the war, In 1946, with Jack Moul he started Port Alberni Airways.
  • ca 1948 they amalgamated with Bob Gayer's Company,Associated Air Taxi
  • Slim was a WWII pilot like Moul.
  • Slim was one of 5, that started Conair Aviation Ltd.

From a forum online, (link below) his daughter, Karen, adds this info, based on an online film and pictures of Slim piloting a Stranraer flying boat taking off with temporary dollies under it.

Herman “Slim” Knights was my father and I think this challenge was one of his favourites. Slim learned to fly in the RCAF. He piloted a Lancaster in WWII, and on his return to Canada flew with Queen Charlotte Airlines and Associated Air Taxi on the west coast before starting his own company with fellow ex pow Jack Moul called Port Alberni Airways. After that co was bought up by QCA and part of the group then rolled into PWA he was a bush pilot for awhile and did a brief stint at PWA before being fired for supporting the workers in a union dispute. He started 2 short lived companies at the old Vancouver airport- KCR and Tas, and spent each summer flying air tankers for Skyways. He ended his aviation career as one of the cofounders of Conair Aviation.

I hope she doesn't mind me using this info as a form of tribute to her father. Slim deserves to be in the Aviation Hall of Fame! As we read above, he also flew for Skyway.

Business Card, H. J. Knights, Executive Vice President, Conair Aviation Ltd.

Bottom of Slim Knight's notepad

Grant thought he started Conair with 2 others but records I have found, show 5 original owners. Grant tells me Slim worked for Conair until his death.

Unknown left and middle, Slim Knights right

Left- Robert B. “Bob” Gayer , right- Slim Knights on Boundary Bay Beach

Slim Knights on left. Photo of him and his crew after a night bombing run over Germany

Photos and info above, courtesy Grant Walker, CA, from his father Thomas Raymond “Bud” Walker's Collection.

Slim Knights on right Photo from Karen Knights, via Grant Walker, with thanks

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