Fenelon Falls, Ontario

Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada

Area Settled ca 1840
Village Incorporated- 1874
Located in the County of Victoria, Township of Fenelon, Ontario, Canada

Nickname: The Jewel of the Kawarthas“

Original Name- Cameron's Falls
After the Honourable Duncan Cameron, The Provincial Secretary of Upper Canada between 1817 and 1838

Re-named after the Township which was named for Father Fénelon
François de Salignac de la Mothe-Fénelon

Coordinates: 44°32′08″N 78°44′13″W
Located on the CNR

Original Home of the Jeremiah Twomey Family in Canada
Some of The Twomey family moved to Camrose AB from here,
Dennis J. Twomey son of Jeremiah #1 moved to Stratcona AB in 1898 then to Camrose ca 1905
and Jeremiah Twomey #3 family, son of Jeremiah #2, in ca 1914 to Camrose area.
Then Jeremiah Twomey #3 family moved to Winnipeg MB in 1925

Jeremiah Twomey Sr. (#1) ended up being a large landowner in the village, and his son Jeremiah Twomey Jr. (#2) owned a Hotel there.
Jeremiah Twomey Sr. (#1) learned his Blacksmith trade in Ireland, Immigrated in 1853 from Cork Ireland to Canada, and worked for a few months in Peterborough ON for George Allen (Who is shown as a Blacksmith, age 31, born in England, in 1851 census). Then Jeremiah came to Fenelon Falls in 1854 with Captain James Wallis (see below) and did all the blacksmith work on the first mill in the village, and also the steamer Ogemah, which was built and launched in Fenelon Falls, after which he went into business for himself. Immigration info from his Obit.

S.S. Ogemah was named after an Iroquois Native Chief, and operated by Captain Wallis (see Post Office page), after him Captain Albro
One record says Blacksmith Jerry Twomey (sr) built it in 1854, another says 1853
Wallis built it to tow his lumber to Port Perry, and on to other markets
I believe it was broken up in 1908
Ogemah dimensions- Length 85’ Beam 15’ Gross Tons 72

Pictured In his hands here is probably the Twomey Family Bible that has disappeared after Doug Clerk mailed it to a Twomey relative in Winnipeg in 1965, after his mother Kate Clerk, nee Twomey died. Sad to say we don't know which relative it went to, and no one is admitting they have it, or had it, or even seen it! It would contain family info important to our search in Cork Ireland.
If you find this Bible please contact me directly.
It might have ended up in a museum in Thunder Bay area, or even Fenelon Falls Museum? or thrown out? We just do not know

Jeremiah (Jerry) Twomey (Sr.) #1
b- Dec 25, 1820 in County Cork, Ireland (We don't know exactly where in Cork)
d- Mar 28, 1895 in Fenelon Falls ON
buried in St. Aloysius Cemetery, 5 miles from Fenelon Falls on Bobcaygeon Rd., St. Aloysius Roman Catholic Cemetery, Lot 23, Con.3
His parents were Patrick Tuomy and Ann Kellehan in Cork Ireland per 1855 Church Marriage Registration Book, which shows his last name as Tuomy
Jeremiah married Mary Ann Powers Aug 21, 1855 St Mary's RC Church in Lindsay ON

b- Mar 20, 1836 Verulam Township, Victoria, ON
d- Nov 20, 1910 in Vancouver BC, from an asthma attack
daughter of Patrick Powers and Mary Gleeson who lived in Verulam Township
She went to Vancouver about 3 months before she died, and stayed with her son in law, Lewis Wakely
Both Obits say they had 11 children, but I show 12? in my records.
I think a son Sylvester Twomey born abt 1871 in Fenelon Falls and died bef 1881 census is not listed since he probably died as a baby. I have seen this before where they just didn't count a baby in a list of children when they died young.
That is only explanation for the discrepancy
In 1881 census 10 shown:
4 sons:
son Jeremiah (Jerry) Twomey (#2) age 24- (see below)
son Patrick T. Twomey age 21, Store Keeper in Fenelon Falls in 1881 census
son Daniel Twomey age 12, born in ON
son Dennis Twomey age 6 born in ON- He is the son that moved to Camrose AB
6 girls:
Mary Twomey age 23; Ellen J. Twomey age 17; Cathrine Twomey age 15; Jane Twomey age 10; Jonah Twomey age 9; and Annie R. Twomey age 2; all born in ON
Family is the last one listed in 1881 census for the village.

Original Log House that belonged to Jeremiah Twomey Sr.,
Note- Originally no front verandah as shown here, and it had stucco on the wood which preserved the old timbers.
originally located at 10 Bond St. in Fenelon Falls in 1854 for Jerry Twomey Sr, by 2002 it was moved out of town about 4 miles

photo taken in 2002 by Doug A. Clerk, a desendant of Jeremiah (Jerry) Twomey (#2).
Doug sadly passed away in 2018

Shortly after he arrived in Fenelon Falls, Jeremiah Twomey Sr built the Dominion Hotel, and Stable, and his Blacksmith shop behind it, on the corner of Francis and Colborne st., which was all destroyed by fire on Mar 13, 1877

The Mansion House, aka: Twomey Hotel, was built after Mar 13, 1877
Left photo shows it ca 1930; right photo ca 1940's

View 2002
Photo above taken ca 2002 by Douglas “Doug” A. Clerk

2019 this is the “Cow & Sow Eatery” at #38 Colborne St on the corner, and “The Kawartha Store”, at #30 Colborne St on the other
Located on the Corner of Francis St and Colbourne St.
I noticed a block down Colbourne St. is the same style building, only it is 3 stories high, one higher than this one.
It was obviously built by the same brick layer (Mason), and same era, as the window design is identical to this one.

4 Masons lived in Fenelon Falls in 1881
Thomas Ball b- age 47 in England,
and his son Francis Ball, b- age 21 in ON, were both Masons.
John McGee, b- age 66 in Ireland
Robert Jackett, b- age 36 in England
Reading the old Fenelon Falls Gazette, link below they called this the Twomey Brick Block,
a July 1880 article says Noble Ingram of the Mansion House, so now I think Jeremiah bought it from him.
Apr 29, 1892 Jeremiah Twomey Sr was advertising to rent the 2 story brick, Mansion House, effective July 1, 1892
He retired in 1892
July 6, 1887 ad says Jeremiah Twomey Jr. took possesion of the hotel, and has completely refurnished it.

Mansion Hotel was owned and operated by
Jeremiah (Jerry) Twomey (#2)
b- July 26, 1856 in Fenelon Falls ON
d- Jan 13, 1928 in Fenelon Falls ON, age 71, shown as a Retired Hotel Keeper.
1881 census says he was a Blacksmith like his father
son of Jeremiah and Mary Ann Powers above
married Margaret (Maggie) Ann Lenihan bet 1881-1887

Margaret (Maggie) Ann Lenihan
b- Dec 28, 1853 Township of Fenelon, ON
d- Jan 17, 1917 Her Residence on Colborne St., Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada
They had 6 children

Jeremiah Twomey Jr #2 Family
Jeremiah “Jerry” Twomey #2, Maggie Twomey, nee Lenihan, Jeremiah “Jerry” #3, Genevieve, Kate, and Margaret


Justice of the Peace-
W. R. Dick
William Jordan


July 28, 1873 Fire at Fenelon Falls destroyed six houses and three stores


Apr 16, 1874, A fire destroyed the Quebec and Ottawa House operated by Joseph McArthur, and a large building owned by Smith & Co.,
and the Astor House was partially destroyed by the fire, then pulled down to stop the spread of the fire.


March 29, 1876 fire destroyed McArthur's Block, and eight stores. Noble Ingram's Dominion House,
John and Thomas Nevison's harness shop, and Thomas and William L. Robson's grocery. May 11, 1876- Fire destroyed the Hamilton Foundry, loss $2,000, no insurance


North American Hotel- Aaron Brooks Prop
Crandell's Hotel- Freemont Crandell Prop (see below)
McArthur House- Noble Ingram Prop.,
Noble Ingram and his wife Harriet Ingram nee Martin, and family, left Fenelon Falls in Mar 1893 to Lindsay On, to be the landlord of the Waverly House there.


2 Public Schools, and a Mechanic's Institute Library
5 Churches- Episcopal, Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist and RC
5 Blacksmiths- William Deyman, James Knox, Henry Puley, W.B. Warren, and then Jeremiah Twomey Sr (#1) (see above)


3 Hotels-
Brooks House- Henry Brooks (owned his own hotel still in 1921 and 1924 here) (see below)
McArthur Hotel- George Rapar (alt- Raper?) Prop.
Mansion House- Jeremiah Twomey Jr (#2) Prop. (see above)


Liquor Licenses issued to 3 men
Henry Brooks (see below)
Jeremiah Twomey Jr. (#2) (see above)
John Aldous (McArthur House)


Liquor Licenses issued to 4 taverns in Fenelon Falls
Henry Brooks (see below)
Jeremiah Twomey Jr. (#2) (see above)
John Aldous (McArthur House)
J.D. Smith and G.H.G. McVity, Executers of Kawartha Hotel


On the Grand Trunk Railroad, in Victoria Co, Ontario
Town owned Electric Light and Power Plant
Population- 1032


5 Hotels in Fenelon Falls
Hotel Kawartha- J.T. Smith, Prop
Brooks House- Henry Brooks, Prop
Mansion House- Joseph Jacques, Prop, so we know Jerry Twomey sold it before 1924
River Haven- Miss Edith S. Hand, Prop
Maryboro Lodge- Miss Abbott, Prop

Names from above

Henry “Harry” Brooks
b- Nov 1, 1855 in Flamboro West, ON, in 1901 census, abt 1873? in 1921 census age 48, abt 1859? shown age 32 in 1891 in ON, age 31 when married
d- ?
Stage owner when married
father- Daniel Brooks
mother- mary Brooks, nee ?
married Agnes “Aggie” Brooks, nee St Thomas June 16, 1883 in Lindsay ON
b- Sept 4, 1860 in ON, age 27 in ON, when married shows age 21, in USA?
d- ?
daughter of Edward St. Thomas and Catherine St Thomas, nee ?
and daughter Lillian “Lily” Emma Brooks
b- Aug 25, 1887 on headstone, b- Aug 22, 1888 in ON, in 1901 census, age 3 in 1891 in ON
d- June 16, 1959, buried in Fenelon falls Cemetery
Lily married Levi Barnhart Hartle Jan 26, 1909 Victoria, ON

Fremont Crandell
b- Aug 31, 1858 at Port Perry, Durham, ON
d- Nov 6, 1910 Wetaskiwin, AB
buried in Riverside Cemetery, Lindsay, ON
1891 Steam Boat Captain living in Lindsay ON
Father- George Crandell
Mother- Levina Bower
Married Irene May Fee, Apr 11, 1881 Lindsay, Victoria, ON
b- age 31 in 1891 in ON
d- Aug 20, 1925 in Calgary AB
buried in Riverside Cemetery, Lindsay, ON
3 Children buried with them in Lindsay:
Anna “Annie” K. Robson nee Crandell, age 6 in 1891
Fremont Frederick Crandell, b- July 28, 1893 d- Apr 26,1929 in Canmore AB
Augusta Irene Elliott age 1 in 1891
1891 census shows 2 more, all born in ON:
Vina Crandell age 8
Sidney Crandell, age 4

John Sylvester Aldous
b- Nov 10, 1854 Erin, Wellington, ON
d- July 14, 1936 Fenelon Falls, ON
buried in Fenelon Falls Cemetery
son of Benjamin Aldous, b- England and Cathrine Snyder, b- in Holland
married Arabella Maxwell Feb 3, 1876 Simcoe ON
their son served in WWI
ALDOUS, Thomas “Grenville”
b- Nov 19, 1895 in Fenelon Falls ON
d- Apr 9, 1917 Killed in Action in France
see my War Memorial Page

Edith Sarah Hand
b- Sept 10, 1869, in Lindsay, ON
d- Feb 20, 1944 in Peterborough ON
buried in Fenelon Falls Cemetery, ON
Father- Edward Deanes Hand
b- age 59 in 1891 in England
Mother- Mary Hannah Hand, nee ?
b- age 54 in 1891 in ON
Edith married Hugh J. MacDougall Aug 22, 1931 in Toronto, ON
he died Mar 2, 1944

Famous people from Fenelon Falls

William Thompson Dewart- President and Publisher of the New York Sun
b- Fenelon Falls, d- 1944 in New York
son of William Dewart a Canadian Railroad Builder from Ireland and Jessie Graham the daughter of a Scottish Banker.
forebearers from Duart Castle, Mull.

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Note- This site is not a complete list of everyone that ever lived in Fenelon Falls, nor is it intended to do that.
I do basic research on a few names, and try to add full names, not initials for anyone I find.
Please do your own research, to verify anything I have added here.
Please note- I will gladly accept corrections on any of my research, on any of my pages.

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Maryboro Lodge- home of James Wallis

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Last but not least, the Gazette has been digitized, which I found after I did all the above???
the Gazette, Kawartha Lakes Public Library

Please visit The Fenelon Falls Museum, open seasonally from May through October, it is housed in the 1837 squared-timber home of James Wallis.
50 Oak Street. Fenelon Falls ON, K0M 1N0. Phone: 705 887 1044


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