Hatt Brothers

Terrace, British Columbia, Canada

Hatt Brothers Store
alt- Hatt Bros. Store

They sold Hardware, Crockery and Furniture in Terrace

John “Morse” B. Hatt
b- July 9, 1891, Port Medway NS,
age 23 when he married in 1914
d- Oct 24, 1963 in Quebec

Apr 1923- Hatt Brothers expanded to Smithers
They bought out a hardware store owned by Alex Chisholm
Floyd Hatt moved to Smithers to take charge of the new store.

1925 Morse was a member of the Native Sons of Canada

Mar 1926- President of the Parent Teacher Assoc. of the Kitsumgallum School

Mar 1926 Morris resigned as the Executive member of the Fall Fair Society in Terrace

1935- Storekeeper in Victoria BC

1953, shown as a merchant in Courtenay BC

Father- John William Hatt
b- Apr 22, 1854 in Chester, Lunenberg, NS
d- 1905 in Port Medway, NS
Mining Promoter and Ship Builder

Mother- Cynthia Evelyn Manthorne
b- June 1, 1857 in NS
d- 1941

Grandfather- Simon Hatt (1831-1877)
Grandmother- Rachel Sophia Hiltz (1833-1899)

Morris married Nellie Sara Smith, Dec 29, 1914 in South Vancouver BC
b- Saint John NB age 24 when she married in 1914
daughter of Andrew Gray Smith, a jeweller,
and Lillie Mahoney

Morris and Nellie had a son and daughter

Brother- David “Floyd” Hatt
b- Mar 20, 1886, in Liverpool, NS
death cert says 1889, but I believe 1886 is correct
d- Nov 27, 1949 in Britannia Beach BC, age 60
married Evelyn Apr 24, 1912 in Vancouver,
he was age 26, she was 22
daughter of William Scott and Grace ?

His brother- David “Floyd” Hatt, and his wife,
Evelyn Gertrude Scott, lived in Smithers

other siblings:

sister- Winnifred Belle “Winnie” Hatt
b- Sept 29, 1880 in NS
d- 1943

sister- Rose Ella “Rosie” Hatt
b- Jan 25, 1882 in NS
d- 1941

brother- Robert Bruce Hatt
b- June 19, 1884

sister- Viola Sophie Hatt
b- Nov 18, 1887 in NS
d- 1954

sister- Jessie Laura Hatt
b- Aug 18, 1889 in NS
d- 1987

brother- Herbert Fenwick Hatt
b- Feb 9, 1893 in Port Medway, NS
d- Jan 26, 1952 West Vancouver BC, age 58
Enlisted in WWI, Reg #2045044

brother- Leverett Melbourne Hatt
b- May 9, 1895, Port Medway, Queens Co. NS
d- Feb 3, 1954 in Vancouver BC, age 59
enlisted in WWI, Reg# 338905

sister- Hazel Evelyn Hatt
b- Aug 7, 1897 in NS
d- 1966

sister- Elsie Brown Hatt
b- Apr 13, 1899 in NS
d- 1975

sister- Rona Alexandra Hatt
b- Dec 28, 1901 in Liverpool, Queens Co., NS
d- Nov 13, 1975 in Vancouver BC

all the family in Medway NS in 1901

1911 family living in Vancouver BC

1921 mother and part of the family living in Vancouver BC

Morse and Nellie's son
Kenneth Gordon Hatt, died in WWII, Air Force
b- ca 1916
d- July 29, 1946 age 30

Sept 1926- the Hatt Brothers store in Smithers was sold to Marshall Sales of PG. The Hatt brothers left by car Sept 25, to Vancouver.


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