Charles Merson Adam

Terrace, British Columbia, Canada

Charles Merson “Charlie” Adam
b- Oct 6, 1888 in Elgin, Moray, Scotland
d- 1973 in the Indian Ocean

From an article in the 1968 Terrace Herald we learn the following.

Came to Canada at the age of 18, per the article, heading to Port Essington.

I show him age 19, leaving Glasgow, Scotland Nov 3, 1906, on a ship, SS Lakonia, the Donaldson Line, arriving in Quebec City, Nov 14, 1906, shown heading to Winnipeg MB

He went to Prince Rupert in 1907 to work on the clearing of the land for the terminus of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway.

He earlier had been to the Charlottes, looking for the lost mines of the Cumshewa
He returned there with the survey team of Humphry, Tupper and Rice, to map out Graham island

Through this survey he learned of a location near Queenstown, (which became today, Port Clements) which had not been pre-empted.
He applied for the land, and later developed it into the townsite of “Graham Center”.

1911 he was shown at L420, QCI, single, age 23, born in Scotland, shown immigrating in 1905.

When WWI broke out, Graham Center died.
a Lodge at this location claims Trevor Williams developed the townsite.
We know they were neighbours. (see below) Possibly both did it.

Charlie Adam enlisted in WWI, June 21, 1916
He lived near Port Clements, QCI at this time.
son of William Adam
who lived at 24 Hay St. Elgin Scotland in 1916
trade shown as a Carpenter

He previously served in the 58th Earl Grey Rifles, Home Defence.
3rd Vol. Battn. Seaforth Highlanders

When he returned from war he returned to Prince Rupert, Working for Acterberg and Thompson, machinists.

He then moved to Stewart, where he set up a taxi business, and later a garage, on main st, a Ford dealer.

1930 he travelled out of New York on a trip on the Berengaria
Age 42, single, shown living in Stewart, Ford Dealer, on Passport 89567 issued in Ottawa.

He moved to Terrace 25 years prior to 1968, in 1943.

Charlie Adam built the Original Tillicum Drive-In Theatre on Keith Rd., and the First Tillicum Theatre in Terrace. Selling out to Mr. Bill Young, in 1967, who still owns and operates the Theatre (2018)

Mr Adam married Susan Hiensch in his house on the southwest corner of Haugland Avenue and Kalum Street on May 7, 1952. He never had any children, but she had 2 sons before they were married- (see correction below)

father- William Gordon Adam (1847-1930)
mother- Keturah (Tudy) Elizabeth Russell (1851-1945)

Grandfather- William Adam (1804-1892)
Grandmother- Ann Hardy McKissach (1815-1871)

Charlie's siblings:
Ann Adam (1885-1970)
Mary Gordon Adam (1894- 1955)
William Gordon Adam (1886-1969)
William Alfred Adam (1892- ?)
Alexander Russell Adam (1895-1917)

At the age of 81 he published his first book, written by Betty Dalzell, titled “The Queen Charlotte Islands 1774-1966”
Betty's parents were Mr. and Mrs.Trevor Williams, neighbours of Mr. Adam, near Port Clements.
Dalzell was born in England, and came to Canada at 6 mo old.

Aug 4, 2018 I heard from Rob Hiensch, one of 2 sons of Susan above. He corrected the surname spelling. She had the 2 sons before she married Charlie, who later adopted them.


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