Charles Seymour Bulkley (Sr.)

British Columbia, Canada

Bulkley Valley and Bulkley River, named after Colonel Charles Seymour Bulkley (Sr.)
who was the Engineer in charge of the Collins Overland Telegraph line, thru that area, ca 1865-67.
The Yukon Telegraph line followed this original trail in many places.
Original name of the Bulkley River- Wet'sinkwha.
He came to Canada March 17, 1865, at 8 am.
He was part of the Russian American Telegraph Company.
Came on the US Steamer Shubrick, Captain Scammon.
He was met by the Governor of BC,
The ship left the next day Mar 18, at 4 pm for Sitka AK, where he was to meet the Governor of Russian America
Former Superintendent of Military Telegraphs, an American Engineer.

Charles Seymour Bulkley (Sr.)
b- ca 1840 in Virginia (or was it New York?) USA
d- in 1894 in Guatemala, of Fever
shown as a Civil Engineer of Port Chester NY
when he died he left $100,000.00 to his estate, per one newspaper report.
He appointed Hanford M. Henderson a lawyer of Port Chester NY, as his Sole Executor.
His wife died, and his son Howard Bulkley became the heir.
Howard then tried to remove Henderson.
meanwhile Daniel E. Merritt applied to be appointed Executor.
Some of these men lived in Stockton CA, including Charles before he died.
His will was filed with Surrogate Silkman of Westchester Co for Probate.
when he was a young man he took a course in Civil engineering, graduated with honours, and after graduating fell in love
with a handsome society girl from Connecticut and married her.
This was 40 years before 1899
His wife was still living in Bridgeport in 1899
Shortly after he married he deserted his wife, just as the civil war broke out.
He enlisted in the Civil War. Shown as a Captain when he enlisted.
Became a Colonel of Engineers in the Union Army.
After the war, instead of returning to Connecticut, he went to California,
to make his fortune, where he married again, to a daughter,
of a wealthy merchant of Stockton CA.
He did not have a divorce from his first wife.
He had 2 sons with the 2nd wife,
Howard Bulkley, possibly Howard Lea or Lee Bulkley
b- possibly ca 1877
d- aft 1910
and Charles Seymour Bulkley (Jr.)
b- ca 1868 in CA
d- bet 1889 and 1900
Jr. was an Engineer in Stockton in 1889, age 21
Reason we get confused on his birth info is the son had same name.
Sr. became a prominent Railroad Engineer,
Building many railroads in the US and Central America.
He was in Guatemala building a railroad when he became ill and died.
He was in Guatemala ca June 1883, and was feared dead then,
in an uprising at San Salvador.
He made his will Feb 12, 1892.
He left the estate to his 2nd wife Abbie S. Bulkley, and his 2 sons.
After he made his will, his son Charles died.
shortly after Charles died, Abby (Abbie?) also died.
Abby Dexter was his 2nd wife's name, born in Mass.
His cousin Emma E. Merritt contested the will,
because there was no divorce.
The first wife, Julia Palmer, didn't claim any of his estate,
as her wealthy mother had cared for her in her estate.
Hanford Henderson sat on the will from 1894 when he died until 1900
when the son Howard found out he had it.
in the end the will had $50,000
$30,000 in New York properties and $20,000 in other properties
Where did the other half go?
Could make a movie from this fellow!


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