Woodcock, British Columbia, Canada


Woodcock, near Cedarvale, 12 km west of Kitwanga.

Latitude- 55º 4' N
Longitude- 128º 14' W

Also Woodcock Airport,
were possibly named after William Henry Woodcock

Woodcock Airport was installed during WWII by the RCAF, from everything I can find on it.

Woodcock became a train stop for GTP built in 1912, which later became the CNR of today.
Also a Telegraph Repeater Station was located here for the Dominion Telegraph line, built in 1901, from Hazelton to Port Simpson, all along the Skeena River.
Back in the 1970's I think it was, an artist who lived in that building. They sold their pictures in Terrace for one place. Name I do not know.
I see pictures of the station on flicker, so it still exists.

Woodcock Dairies Limited
aka- Woodcock Dairy
Nov 1923- Northern Cassiar Ranch Ltd. was bought and name changed to Woodcock Dairy
new owners- R. L. Brown and Robert McKay
They were supplying milk and cream to Prince Rupert
Mr. Brown worked for Marshall-Wells prior to this
Brown would look after the farm with 100 cows
and MacKay was looking after the operation in Prince Rupert.
They were establishing a milk depot in Rupert to Sterilize, Pasteurize and bottle the product.
Jan 7, 1925 the Royal Bank foreclosed on the Dairy and were selling everything at public auction.

William Brand owned the farm and sold it to Mr. Medd
Apr 1927 a Prince Albert SK Man, bought the Ranch
William M. Medd
b- Dec 1874 in Hoxton, Yorkshire, England
d- 1952 in Edson AB
buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Edson AB
Immigrated in 1881 per 1921 census, 1900 per 1916 census
Marriage cert says he was born in Manvers ON about 1875?
headstone says born in 1974, other source 1879?
William was the son of Samuel Thomas Medd and Jane Brown
Grandfather was William Medd, age 57 in 1881 in England
William M. Medd married Caroline Rusk, Mar 14, 1904, Durham, ON
wife- Caroline Medd, nee Rusk
b- Sept 1882 in Manvers, ON
d- 1956 Edson AB
buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Edson AB
she was the daughter of Thomas Rusk and Mary Ann Lunn
daughter- Caroline “Mina” Medd
b- Jan 1909 in SK
brother- John Medd
b- Apr 1888 in ON
1911 all on farms near PA
1916 William and family near Prince Albert with:
daughter Iola Medd, b- ca 1913 in SK
daughter Eva Medd, b- ca 1915 in SK
1921 census added a daughter, Mary Medd
b- ca 1915/16 in SK
Mr. McNeil was looking after the farm for Mr. Medd
Aug 1929- Mr. Alex Thompson was the manager of the ranch
owned by Mr. William M. Medd
ca 1924- School House at Woodcock

George MacKenzie a former rancher at Woodcock
died, May 23, 1924, age 55, at his sister's place in Vancouver.


Joseph H. Brety

Claude Chatham “Claud” Campbell
b- Nov 8, 1866 in Clay, Lafayette, Missouri, USA
d- Apr 27, 1948, Marion, Oregon
Immigrated in 1919
- Contractor- Poles
wife- Cora Bell Campbell, nee Radcliffe
b- Oct 5, 1875 in Oak Grove, Franklin, Missouri, USA
d- Apr 11, 1952 in Eugene, Lane, Oregon
son- Kel Campbell,
b- Sept 12, 1898 in Eugene, Lane, Oregon, USA
d- Apr 22, 1982, Walterville, Lane, Oregon
- Woodsman
son- Roy Campbell
b- May 9, 1900 in Eugene, Lane, Oregon, USA
d- May 6, 1939 in Salem, Marion, Oregon
Immigrated thru Kingsgate WA port, Aug 8, 1919, age 18
- Woodsman
1910 family in Camp Creek, Lane, Oregon
April 1923- C. C. Campbell returned to the prairies to farm

Angus MacDonald
b- ca 1875 in Scotland
d- Feb 13, 1942, in Woodcock, age 64
Immigrated in 1879
- Clearing Own Land
wife- Annie MacDonald
b- ca 1886 in SK

George Garfield McDowell
b- ca 1880 in USA
Immigrated in 1910
- Prospector
Not positive but would bet this is the guy,
that moved to Russia and married there.

Kris Larmann
b- (age 48? in 1921 in Woodcock) in Iceland
Immigrated in 1904
- Contractor- Poles

Neil Patterson
b- ca 1875 in Scotland
Immigrated in 1879
- Clearing his own land
wife- Hazel Patterson
b- ca 1895 in ON
son- William Patterson, b- ca 1914 in SK
daughter- Jean Patterson, b- ca 1917 in SK
daughter- Margaret Patterson, b- ca 1819 in SK
daughter- Jessie Patterson, b- 1921 (1 day old at census time) in BC
Apr 1923 the Patterson family moved to Edmonton AB

Henry Higgins
b- ca 1856 in ON
d- - Clearing land on his Pre-Emption
1928 he was still in Woodcock, heading to hospital

William Brand
b- ca 1863 in Scotland
d- Jan 10,1943 in Prince Rupert BC, age 77
Immigrated in 1885
- Farm labourer
wife- Lulu Etta Brand
b- ca 1876 in USA
d- June 28, 1933 or 34 in Prince Rupert BC, age 56
Immigrated in 1911
daughter- Jessie Maud Brand,
b- ca 1915, in BC
daughter- Minuva Brand,
b- ca 1916, in BC

Dugald McLean
b- ca 1876 in ON
d- Apr 20, 1934 in Hazelton, age 58
- Labourer

William Carruthers Little
b- Dec 17, 1882 in Ayre, Scotland
d- Mar 3, 1954, in Woodcock, age 71
buried in Kitsumgallum Cemetery
Immigrated in 1902
Father- Peter Little, Mother- Agnus Carruthers
wife- Gertrude Alberta Little, nee Hartley
b- ca 1889 in ON
son- William H. Little, b- aft 1921
her father- Thomas Hartley, retired farmer
b- ca 1853 in ON
William's Niece- Nesta Little,
b- ca 1918 in BC
Apr 1927- W. C. Little,
The “Turnip Farmer” brought in and released
24 pheasants, to control the cut worm problem.

Angus McKenzie
b- ca 1876 in Scotland
Immigrated in 1919
- CNR Section Foreman

Vern Chester
b- ca 1895 in USA
Immigrated in 1921
- CNR Section Hand

Edmond King
b- ca 1884 in ON
- CNR Section Hand

William Minther
b- May 1, 1884 in Sweden
d- Dec 7, 1961 in Cedarvale area, age 77
buried in Anglican Cemetery in Cedarvale
Immigrated ca 1911
- CNR Section Hand
ca 1923- William Minther was an occupation farmer
in the Woodcock area, buying some land.

Duncan McGregor
b- (age 51, or 57? in 1921 in Woodcock) in Scotland
- Prospector
Immigrated in 1909

James Bell
b- ca 1881 in ON
- Prospector


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