Ridley, British Columbia, Canada


Railway Point

Latitude- 54º 15' N,
Longitude- 130º 19' W

aka: Ridley Island.

The name changed to Billmor This name was rescinded in 1974, but was a station name.

Bilmor - Ridley shown with a red dot

Named after Rt. Reverend William Ridley, D.D.
First Anglican Bishop of Caledonia
When he was 14 in 1851, he was shown as a carpenter, same in 1861
Ordained in 1866
Went to Afghanistan first as a Missionary
1968 Principal of the College of Peshawur.
He was invalided and came back home to England,
became chaplain of Dresden in Saxony Germany.
Vicar of Shelley, Huddersfield,
Then St. Paul's Huddersfield in Yorkshire, before appointed to Canada
July 25, 1879 consecrated in St. Paul's Cathedral as Bishop of Caledonia.
First came to Canada in autumn of 1879, per 1901 census, shown a widower.
Oct 14, 1879 he reached Victoria.
he established a mission at Hazelton upon arriving there.
he was married at this time.
He had his own steam launch, the “Evangeline”
Him and his wife were known for translating many books, and hymns into the Native Tsimshian language.
He returned to England with his wife, for around 6 months, in 1892.
He resigned from Metlakatla, Early Aug 1902, and returned to England
Nov 1903 he was back in Victoria giving a speech after making another trip from the north.
He was returning to England, via Japan, China and India.

William Ridley
b- July 22, 1836, Brixham Devon, England
d- May 25, 1911 in England ,one source says mar 25, 1911

Father- Allen Gibbs Ridley
b- ca 1811, Brixham, England, Stone Mason
d- May 4, 1875, Brixham, Devon, England
Mother- Sarah Kerswell Elliott
b- ca 1812, Brixham, Devon, England
Father & Mother married Feb 19, 1836, Brixham, Devon, England

brother- Christopher Ridley
b- ca 1839 Brixham, Devon, England
He was Reverend of Aylesbury, Birmingham, England in 1875

married Jane Helmer Hyne, bet July and Sept, 1866
in Reg. District, Exeter, Devon, England
b- 1835, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England
d- Early Dec, 1896, in Metlakatla, abt 60 years old
Funeral was held Dec 11, 1896
shown age 57 in Apr 30, 1892 on a ship from New York
arriving at Liverpool.
The Bishop shown age 56.
Oct 3, 1892 they arrived back in New York.
she is shown age 8 in 1841 census in Brixham.
living in Ranscombe house with her family
daughter of Samuel Hyne of Brixham, Devon.
shown as a Ship Owner in 1841, age 30
He owned the Schooner “Diligent”
it collided with the American ship, “Saracen” and sank Feb 11, 1845.
b- ca 1811 Devon, England
He might have died in 1847
mother- Jane Hyne, nee ?, age 35 in 1841
b- ca 1806

Jane's siblings:
brother- Samuel Hyne- b- ca 1835, age 6 in 1841
brother- Henry Hyne- b- bet Oct-Dec 1837 Totnes Reg Dist., Devon, age 4 in 1841
sister- Katherine Hyne, ca 1839, age 2 in 1841


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