Remo Ferry

Remo, British Columbia, Canada

Remo BC, Government Reaction Ferry

aka: Breckenridge Landing on South side of the Skeena (Old Remo)
aka: Batemans Landing on the North side of the Skeena (New Remo)

In Range 5, Coast Land District

Latitude- 54º 29' N
Longitude- 128º 43' W

Government Reaction Ferry
Ferry Cable was 1100 ft long
The Remo Ferry was destroyed in the 1936 flood.
Location shown in map below

Remo and Ferry location shown between Shames and Terrace
portion of original map on Kitsumkalum Lake site

Now Old Remo is on South Side of the Skeena River, and New Remo is on the North Side.
The River, CNR tracks, and Highway 16, divide the area.

Remo Ferry in the current, on the Skeena River

1942 pictures of Remo Ferry
Note picture on left looks like an old road grader on board. tractor?
One gentleman in that picture might be William Roach Adams, see below

Photos above contributed Feb 21, 2016 by N. A. Wiens, on behalf of the “Adams Family”

John Neidhart
b- ca 1873 in Germany
d- June 6, 1925, Hazelton Hospital, Hazelton BC,
shown age 65 in paper, but 52 in death records
Buried in Hazelton Cemetery, Hazelton BC
Responsible for naming Remo, after his German hometown
John owned Lot 1103, Range 5, Coast District, at Remo
117.78 acres, Residence, Barn and Sheds.
Known for his great Strawberries.
aka: the Strawberry King of Remo
Mar 1924, he was selling Magoon and Rennie's Perfection plants
One of the earliest European Settlers along the Skeena.
Ferryman in 1920 directory

Arthur Patrick King
b- ca 1877 in Ireland
d- Oct 16, 1959 in Vancouver, BC, age 81
Immigrated in 1889
Ferryman in 1921, 1922 Directories,
also shown as fruit growing

Charles Fredrick “Charlie” Swanson
b- ca 1884-85, Sandwich Islands (age 40 when he married in 1925)
d- info correction from his daughter, as I had a wrong Charles Swanson's death info
“He was the only survivor of a shipwreck in Alaskan waters in 1942.
He made shore only to die of exposure.
Event was newsworthy in Vancouver.
He is buried in Ketchican. Age 58.”

MV Edward Schenk, an American owned, 18 ton, 43 ft wooden tug,
sank with all hands, Oct 14, 1942, near Three Tree Point,
between Ketchikan and Prince Rupert.
Charles F. Swanson was the cook,
He managed to reach shore, 5 miles north of Three Tree Point, but died of hypothermia.
His body was the only one recovered.

Remo Ferryman, ca mid 1920's
son of John M. Swanson and Caroline Anderson
both parents born in Sweden
married 1st wife, ? , divorced.
married 2nd time, Rosa Burri, Mar 19, 1925 in Prince Rupert
b- ca 1895, Switzerland
daughter of Ulwick Burri and Anna Elizabeth Balsiger
both born in Switzerland
Charlie's daughter, Gloria Livingstone, nee Swanson,
called Nov 10, 2013, and she has lots of good info, and pictures
and I am hoping I will be fortunate to get some of these
for this page soon, especially the ferry picture.
Gloria attended the school in photo on main Remo page,
then she attended school in Prince Rupert.
After the flood in 1936, her family home, was the only one that survived.
She described her dad built their home back from the river,
where everyone else was close to the river.
Her family were living in Prince Rupert by the time of the flood.
Charlie shown as a farmer in Remo, in 1934 Directory
Gloria did tell me they grew lots of strawberries that were shipped to Rupert.

Shipping label for his strawberries
1918 Directory shows him as a farmer in Remo

Peter McDonald
b- ca 1859
d- Aug 16, 1927 at Remo, age 68
buried in Kitsumkalum Pioneer Cemetery
Ferryman in 1926 and 1927 Directories
The ferry from Terrace was moved here, after the old Skeena Bridge was opened in 1925
He moved with the ferry.
Must have been a newer ferry and replaced the old one.

John George Raven
b- Jan 1862, Wrentham, Suffolk, England
(1861 on headstone)
d- Feb 23, 1929, Prince Rupert General Hospital, age 68, after operation for cancer.
buried in Kitsumkalum Pioneer Cemetery
1881 shown as a carpenter in Suffolk England
Remo Ferryman in 1929 Directory
Immigrated in 1910
Officer with the Imperial Army, stationed in India, before coming to Canada.
son of John Luke Raven and Elizabeth Raven, nee Jackson
married Miriam Raven, nee Small, July-Sept 1889 in Waterford, Ireland
b- 1868, age 53 in 1921 in England
d- Dec 24, 1932 in Terrace BC
buried in Kitsumkalum Pioneer Cemetery
Immigrated in 1920
son- John G. Raven,
b- 1890
son- Charles Raven,
b- 1894,
d- 1949
daughter- Edith Miriam Raven
b- 1901 in England,
d- 1985
daughter- Rose Gertrude Raven
b- 1902 in England,
d- 1963
daughter- Grace Winnifred Raven,
b- 1906,
d- 1907

1921 Raven family clearing land on a pre-emption, Kalum Lake area

Charles Victor “Carl” Lindstrom
b- Feb 1, 1879 in Blaking, Sweden
(28 years old when he married) (see picture above)
d- Jan 13, 1977 at Mills Memorial Hospital, Terrace, age 97

buried in Kitsumgallum, Terrace Pioneer Cemetery

son of Nelson Lindstrom and ?,
Remo Ferryman
Charlie came from the Yukon in 1907, to work on the railroad as a blacksmith.
He later was a farmer and logger. clearing his own land in 1921
married Emma Adeline Lindstrom, nee Bateman, May 22, 1909, at Kitsumkalum, Skeena River, BC
b- Oct 24, 1890 Hayward Wisconsin, USA
(age 18 when she married)
d- Feb 9, 1978, Skeenaview Lodge, Terrace BC, age 87

buried in Kitsumgallum, Terrace Pioneer Cemetery
see Bateman's Landing page
Charlie and Emma were the First “White” Couple to be married in the Anglican Mission in Terrace
they had 6 children:

son- Charles Edward “Charlie” Lindstrom
b- 1910 in BC
d- June 14, 1938, Hillside, age 27

buried in Kitsumgallum, Terrace Pioneer Cemetery

son- Otto Aldrich (Aldrick?) Lidstrom
b- ca 1917 in BC
d- Nov 23, 2012, Mills Memorial Hospital, Terrace BC, age 96
married wife Fran, in 1949
(see Terrace Area War Memorial)

daughter- Claire Belle Lindstrom
b- ca 1919 in BC
she married Cecil “Sandy” O'Brien

daughter- Helen Lindstrom

son- William “Bill” Lindstrom
b- ?
d- ?
- Remo Ferryman

daughter- Marie Lindstrom

David Luther Atkinson
b- Aug 31, 1886, Victoria BC
d- Feb 11, 1965 Skeenaview Hospital, Terrace BC, age 78
buried in Kitsumkalum Cemetery, Terrace
son of John Luther Atkinson and Lucy Elizabeth Miller
shown as Remo Ferryman in 1934, 1935, and 1936 Directories.

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My Karl Marki Old Remo, Story and Picture page, June 2015

William R. Adams
Ferryman -1942

N. Wiens, sent pictures above,
Her Great Great Grandfather, William Adams (married Isabella)
their son -William Roach Adams.
“All I have is family stories saying they worked on the ferry in Remo and had a sawmill.”

son- William Roach Adams served in WWI
b- July 25, 1897, Lot 11, Queen Co. PEI
Service #3352313
June 15, 1918, in Regina SK.
Family living in Kincaid SK area in 1918.


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