North Bulkley

North Bulkley, British Columbia, Canada

North Bulkley BC

Unincorporated area
Coast Land District

Located on the Dominion Telegraph Line

Near the head of the Bulkley River

8 miles East of Houston BC
Approx. halfway between Houston and Topley BC

34 miles East of Telkwa
1 1/2 miles from Knockholt
95 miles SE of Hazelton

Located on the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, now the CNR

Population 36

Anglican Church located here in 1921

Ewart Ayliffe- Telegraph Operator
Last Operator at Aldermere, moved to North Bulkley
Ewart Gladstone Ayliffe
b- Jan 7, 1888, Bath England, age 30 when he married
d- Mar 18, 1959 St. Joseph's Hospital, Victoria BC, age 71
buried in St. Anne's Churchyard, Parksville BC
son of Henry Ayliffe and Annie Williams
He was retired, living in Parksville BC.
married Annie Sisko, Mar 8, 1918, in Christ Church, Vancouver BC
b- Wellington BC, age 23 when married
She was a nurse.
daughter of Andrew Sisko, and Barbara Lorin Chak
They had a daughter Dorothy

Thomas Telfer Aitken- Cattle-breeder, (PM in 1921)

George Finlay- Farming

Fred Heading- Farming, Prospector
b- ca 1879 in USA
Immigrated in 1911

Herbert Brand Jarman- Farming
b- Mar 1, 1891 in Bancroft Dungannon Twp., Hastings Co., ON,
(age 46 when married)
d- Nov 25, 1970, Pouce Coupe Hospital, Pouce Coupe, BC, age 79
buried in Quesnel BC
son of William Hardy Jarman and Florence Naomi Smith
married Elva Louetta Pearl Ransome, nee Staples,
married Mar 30, 1937 in Herbert's home in Perow BC
b- Fleetwood ON, age 43 when married
daughter of George Smith Staples and Mary Ada Willett

August Johnson- Farming

Carl Knutson- Farming
b- ca 1886 in Sweden
Immigrated in 1910

Oscar Lund- Farming
b- ca 1861 in Sweden
immigrated in 1908

Archibald “Archie” McInnes- Cattle Farming (First PostMaster)

Neil McInnes- Cattle Farming (see below)

Robert Mitchell Moore- Farming
b- ca 1879 in Ireland
immigrated in 1906

August Norberg- Farming
b- ca 1883 in Sweden
immigrated in 1906
married to Augusta Norberg
b- ca 1891 in Sweden
immigrated in 1918

Algot Rainsfelt- Farming
b- ca 1886 in Sweden
immigrated in 1908

Helmer Rainsfelt- Dairy Farming
b- ca 1883 in Sweden
immigrated in 1907

Werner Rainsfelt- Farming
b- ca 1888 in Sweden
immigrated in 1908

Thomas O. Westgarde- Farming
b- ca 1887 in Norway
immigrated in 1905
married Mathilda Louise Westgarde, nee ?
b- ca 1894 in USA
immigrated in 1902
daughter- Ethel Elvira Westgarde
b- ca 1914 in AB
Theore Michel Westgarde
b- ca 1915 in AB
daughter- Marion Amanda Westgarde
b- ca 1919 in AB

Alex Zadroski- Farming

Post Office History

Name of Office: North Bulkley
Federal Electoral District: Skeena (BC)

Office Opened- Mar 1, 1912
Office Closed- Feb 10, 1955

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Date of Birth Date of Appointment DAte of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
Archibald “Archie” McInnes 1912-03-01 1914-02-28 Resignation
Thomas Telfer Aitken 1914-05-01 1922-12-27 Resignation
Archibald “Archie” McInnes 1923-02-15 1941-04-05
Mrs. Jessie Chalmers McInnes 1941-09-15 1942-04-27 Resignation
Mrs. Orpha Pearl Barnett 1946-08-16 Acting
Mrs. Nora Henriette Sorensen 1901-02-02 1948-03-15 Acting
“ ” “ 1948-08-12 1954-11-24
Mrs. Maxine Leona Craker 1954-12-09 Acting

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or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada. The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

Post Master Bios and Genealogy

Archibald “Archie” McInnes
b- June 2, 1861, Priceville, ON
(Mar 1866 in ON per 1911 census) (age 33 when married)
d- Apr 20, 1951, Lakelse Rd, Terrace BC, age 89
buried in Kitsumgallum Cemetery, Terrace BC
Stockman in Bulkley Valley when married
son of Allan McInnes (alt- Alan) and Mary McCormick
married Jessie Chalmers McInnes, nee Aitken, Oct 25, 1905, in Victoria BC
she lived in Victoria when married
b- May 29, 1886 in Braehead, Lancashire, Scotland (age 20 when married)
d- Aug 11, 1972 in Mills Memorial Hospital, Terrace BC, age 86
daughter of Alexander Aitken and Janet Chalmers
Immigrated in 1901
3 daughters by 1921
daughter- May Janet Vera McInnes,
b- ca 1908, in BC, age 13 in 1921, She married Ivan R. Frank
daughter- Ivy Richard Margareta McInnes
b- ca 1910, in BC, age 11
daughter- Neva Arleen McInnes
b- ca 1913 in BC, age 8 in 1921

brother of Archie, Neil McInnes
b- Sept 14, 1864 in ON
d- Sept 2, 1948 in Red Cross Outpost Hospital, in Terrace BC, age 93
buried in Houston BC
married Margaret McCracken
(see link below for more info)

Thomas Telfer Aitken
b- May 1876 in Scotland
d- July 14, 1935 in Smithers BC, age 59
Immigrated in 1897
married Eleanora Kate Booth, Jan 29, 1913 in Hazelton
b- in Scotland, age 46 in 1921
Immigrated in 1912
3 children by 1921:
daughter- Elizabeth Janet Aitken
b- ca 1915 in BC
daughter- Elenora Nancy Aitken
b- ca 1916 in BC
son- Richard Clement Aitken
b- ca 1918 in BC

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1923 map http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b8/Bulkley-old.jpg


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