McDame, British Columbia, Canada

McDame BC
in the “Cassiar” Land District

  • aka: Dease Post
  • aka: Sylvester's Landing

Originally this was First Nation “Kaska” aka “Casca” Reserve area
They are related to the Tahltan.
Later the name was changed to “Cassiar”

Lat- 59º 11' N,
Long- 129º 14' W

Unincorporated Area

Dease Post / Sylvester's Landing
Dease Post, aka Sylvester's Landing, 68 miles from Laketon
located at the mouth of McDame's Creek
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Rufus D. Sylvester was a well known explorer and trader.
Rufus D. Sylvester
b- ca 1834 in Bowdoinham, Sagadahoc, Maine, USA
d- Mar 2, 1900, King WA, age 65
son of Rufus Sylvester (1803-1884)
and Anna H. “Ann” Sylvester, nee ?
shown as an Indian trader in 1881 in Cassiar district
Sylvester's landing named after him, He established it in 1872.
July 1888 Hudson's Bay Co. bought the post at McDame Creek,
known as Sylvester's Landing, and renamed it McDame Post.
They also bought the Black River Post and Liard Post

Henry McDame, the Bahamas born Black Prospector, made the first Gold Discovery near Sylvester's landing.
1889 he was a miner at Lorne Creek

Sylvester's Landing

Robert Grant, Trader

McDames Creek Residents

Henry Brown, Miner
b- in Canada, age 61 in 1891

  • Joseph Burge, Miner
  • Charles Boyle, Miner
  • Archibald Campbell, Miner

John Campbell, Miner
b- Alaska, age 22 in 1891

  • John Cranston, Miner
  • James Chaplin, Miner
  • Henry Christie, Miner
  • Adam Clatworthy, Miner
  • John Clendinin, Miner
  • Andrew Donohue, Miner
  • John Dunn, Miner
  • Daniel Dixon, Miner

Edward Dower, Miner
b- England, age 52 in 1891

  • Richard Glen, Miner
  • David Harris, Miner
  • William Hendry, Miner
  • John Jacklin, Miner
  • William Kemp, Miner
  • William Matthewson, Miner
  • Samuel Jones McAllister, Miner

Malcolm McClure, Miner
b- Scotland, age 44 in 1891

John McCrimmon, Miner
b- Ontario, age 41 in 1891

  • John McDonald, Miner
  • Alexander McLennan, Miner
  • John Moffatt, Miner

Donald McQuaig, Miner
b- ca 1849, in Quebec, age 42 in 1891

  • Edward Metcalf, Miner
  • Frederick Mills, Miner

John Mitchell, Miner
b- in England, age 53 in 1891

  • John Morrow, Miner
  • Jermiah O'Donnell, Miner
  • Henry Phair, Miner

John Rees, Miner (aka John Reese)
b- in Wales, age 44 in 1891

  • John Stevens, Miner
  • James Stewart, Miner
  • Stanley B. Stott, Miner
  • William Taylor, Miner
  • Robert Wilson, Miner
  • Cyrus Young, Miner

Samuel McCartney, Clerk

Edward Metcalf, Butcher

Thomas Barrett, Blacksmith

June 1935
William Glennie newly appointed as the Stipendiary Magistrate for the counties of Prince Rupert and Cariboo, and also the Coroner
went from Hazelton to McDame Creek

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