Kemano- Jim Hanna Photos- Page 3

Kemano, British Columbia, Canada

Jim Hanna's Pictures, Page 3

All photos on this page, are copyright of Mr. Jim Hanna from Australia, sent ca Feb 2012, and I thank him for the donation

S55 Sikorsky lifting off.
Bell 47 helicopter sitting on the pad
Machines were owned by Alcan.
They then contracted
Okanagan Helicopters to do
the maintenance and flying.

Noorduyn Norseman Mk V
c/n 29-1
Pacific Western- CF-OBG
originally built for
Ontario Provincial Air Service
in June 1945
sold to Central BC Airways, in July 1951. PWA in 1955.
Taken out of service in May 1970.

Bell 47 Helicopter Taking Off

Queen Charlotte Airlines (QCA) Canso at Kemano wharf

S55 Sikorsky
Sikorsky Const # 55161
Commercial version with 600 hp,
(472 kW) R-1340 engine
when it operated at Kemano.
Later converted to S55T,
1972 owned by Frontier Helicopters,
a division of Conair Aviation Ltd.
Now shown written off

S55 History-
Other military names-
H-19 Chickasaw, Westland Whirlwind
First flight Nov 10, 1949
Used by US military in Korean War, and early Vietnam War

Fairchild 71C Plane
Nurse- Norma Lillian Key
b- 1918 Chinook Alberta
d- June 22, 2009 at Grey Nuns Hospital, Edmonton AB, at the age of 90.

Unknown Planes, Landing at the Kemano Wharf

Camp 2600

Black Bear and Cub, at camp 2600

Old Buildings, Camp 2600

Camp 2600

Wye Junction Penstock

Welding Cans

Penstock Tunnel before Liner Insert

Penstock Liner being Installed

Concrete Pump and Liner

Welding Can- Manifold Section

Welding Liner

Wye Section

Penstock Liner on wharf, Ted Kipp standing beside it.

Main Wye Section-No 2 Penstock

Rock Conveyors to Elbow 2600'

More detail and history of the Penstock, Tunnel etc., in the Bud Walker Section.
See Index on the left

Looking East up the Valley, Summer

Kemano Valley, Looking South

Siffleur Lake, NE of Kemano
Lat - 53°37' North
Long- 127°45' West

Road to Wachwas –Bob Simpson

l/r- Marjory, Nick Guild, Jack Montgomery
Jack Montgomery was a very close friend of Jim Hanna.
Jim, and his wife Jean, and their family, took Jim in as part of
their own family, at their home in Wachwas (which Jim helped to build)
When Jim first met Jack he was employed by M-K to maintain office equipment.
When that contract expired, he accepted a job with Alcan, and became an Operator, then Supervisor
In the Control Room of the Powerhouse.
He retired in 1985, as Powerhouse Maintenance Coordinator.
Sad to report he passed away Sept 14, 2007 in Ottawa Canada.

Inside MK Quonset
Charlie Lucas on right

Kemano Laundry- Winter 1955

Personnel- Payroll Office- Winter 1955

Kemano Camp 5 Townsite- Winter 1955

Bad Winter in Camp

Camp from Batch Plant- 1956

Townsite Camp

Camp 5- Winter 1956

Snow Clearing

Concrete Batch Plant

First Salmon of the Season
Jim Hanna on the right

Concrete Batch Plant

Transmission Tower
Jim Talbot at the base
They look big until you see the man standing there,
and then they look unbelievably big!

Walk to Tahtsa
l/r- Frank Thompson, Cost Engineer
Doug & Barb Ellis Family, Chief Acct.
Rudi, Jim, Chuck Peters

That's all for now Folks!

All photos on this page, are copyright of Mr. Jim Hanna
and I thank him for the donation


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