Centreville, British Columbia, Canada

Centreville BC
in the “Cassiar” Land District

aka: McDame Town

Originally this was First Nation “Kaska” aka “Casca” Reserve area
They are related to the Tahltan.
Later the name was changed to “Cassiar”

Centreville or McDame Town
abt. 14 miles NW of Sylvester's Landing, on the left bank of McDame Creek

Centreville was a Mining town formed near where Henry McDame found gold
Of course McDame Creek was named after this Black Bahama born Prospector.

4 miles away was Halloway's Bar.

Centreville had 5 saloons

Business Index

  • J. Burns, McDame Creek
  • B. G. Coney, Constable and Recorder at McDame Creek
  • S. Evans, McDame Creek
  • J. Fletcher, McDame Creek
  • Gerke & Co.- Thibert and McDame Creek
  • W. Geisler, McDame Creek Landing
  • William Humphries, McDame Creek
  • R. McDermott, McDame Creek
  • M. Richards, McDame Creek
  • Rufus Sylvester, McDame Creek
  • Wright & Calbraith, Dease & McDame Creek

Court house was here,
Calbraith, Grant & Cooks General Store,
Edward Metcalf was a Store Keeper and BC Collector of Revenue

Edward Metcalf
possibly, b- Dec 15, 1933 in England
Immigrated in 1859
shown as a Miner, living in Victoria in 1901
June 1878, He accidentally shot an Adam Jamieson at McDame Creek

Painting of Sluicing on a River


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