Atlin City

Atlin, BC, Canada

aka- Atlin

Unincorporated Place

Cassiar Land District

Latitude - 59° 34′ 0″ N
Longitude - 133° 42′ 0″ W

Atlin 1999

Originally a mining camp 152 miles from Skagway, AK, 60th Parallel, North Boundary of BC is 28 miles North of Atlin.
When gold was found here miners were confused to register in BC or Yukon, as the boundary is very close to this area.
Situated on Atlin Lake

Population in 1902- 500 in winter and 1500 in summer

1898- The first gold was discovered in the Pine Creek area, recorded in most sources.
But in another old Los Angeles newspaper article it says a miner by the name of Miller found gold as early as 1892,
On an unknown stream leading into Atlin Lake running from the southeast, but other than drawing maps of the area, kept it to himself.
This was Fritz Miller's brother, George Miller.

“Fritz” Miller
alt- Frederick Miller
b- Apr 24, 1874 Linden, Hanover, Germany (from his obit)
d- Aug 27, 1904 in Atlin District age 31
buried in Atlin Pioneer Cemetery
Funeral held on Monday before Sept 3,1904.
He was sick for a few days, and brought into the Atlin Hospital.
He died from gangrene.
His father died in 1879, his mother in 1890
He left Europe in 1891 arriving in Juneau AK in Sept 1891.
Attended School there all winter.
Went to London in the spring of 1892, returned fall of 1893 to go to school again.
Spring of 1894 he started down the Yukon.
Stopped at Circle City, remaining there until summer of 1897, when he went to Dawson, staying there for a short time.
Went to St. Michael, where he sailed to Seattle
He returned to Juneau, shortly after, and from there went into Atlin area.
Another article same paper says he came to Atlin with his partner, Kenneth McLaren, in 1897, landing on Atlin Lake Shore on Feb 10, 1897.
Most of info above direct from his Obituary

His Partner:
Kenneth Chisholm McLaren
b- July 5, 1867 in Pictou, NS (per 1901 census July 27, 1863 in NS)
d- May 17, 1931 in Atlin district
buried in Atlin Pioneer Cemetery
Son of Alexander “Alex” McLaren, Father lived at Moose River in 1915
mother- Jessie McLaren
They had 8 children

View of the Atlin Dock 1969-70
Photos by Fraser Sutherland

  • 1st St
  • 2nd St
  • 3rd St
  • 4th St.
  • 5th St.
  • 6th St.
  • Worm Bay Rd.
  • Lake St.
  • Lake Rd
  • Monroe Ave.
  • Sinclair Ave.
  • Discovery Ave.
  • Trainor Ave.
  • Pearl Ave.
  • Rant Ave.
  • Watson Ave.
  • Vickers Ave.
  • Mill St.
  • Robinson St.
  • Taku Dr.
  • 4th of July Rd.
  • Fulton St.
  • Green St
  • Pillman Rd.
  • Lakeview Subd.
  • Atlin Rd
  • McBride Blvd

They had 15 hotels, meals $1, Beds $1
Andy Galamo completed his hotel on Watson Ave. just before winter, capable of having 70 guests
Olympic Hotel-1st St.- A. Burke Manager
The Northern Hotel- 1st St.- Thagard & Turney, Prop. (J. D. Thagard?)
British America Corp. Ltd Hotel (burnt to the ground in Aug 1900 in a major fire on 1st st that destroyed many buildings and businesses)
Hotelkeepers, Hotel names not known:

  • W. A. Anderson
  • A. R. McDonald (Hotel Clarence below)
  • John Mcleod

Hotel Vancouver- S. Johnston, Prop. (Samuel Johnston & Kierstead Props in 1900)
Hotel Metropole- William J. Smith & Beauprie A. Creed Props (Charles S. Slater prop as well in 1900 with Smith & Creed
Hotel OK- William Curve
Foley, West & Co. BC Hotel & Restaurant
International Hotel- Howe & Olsen Props.
Hotel Clarence- A. R. McDonald

Russell Hotel, (alt- Hotel Russell) Pearl St.- Robert B. Dixon (James H. Russell owner in 1900)(1901- Robert & Gordon Dixon, and David Burton Props.)
Vendome Hotel, 1st and Trainor Sts.- M. Harris & Co. (H. Harris Prop in 1901)
Kootenay Hotel, (alt- Kootenay House in 1900, W. Haywood and J. Byron props) 1st and Trainor Sts.- George E. Hayes (Jack Byron prop in 1899)
Grand Hotel, 1st and Discovery Sts. - David Hastie (1900- George L. Rice & David L. Hastie Props, David Hastie was Manager)
Vancouver Hotel, 1st St. - Samuel Johnston
Kirkland Hotel, 1st St.- John Kirkland
Leland Hotel, Pearl St.- Ellsworth P. Queen (Ike Gillespie, Prop. in 1901)
Royal Hotel, 1st and Pearl St. - Ernest Rosselli (1902 directory says F. T. Troughton Prop.)
Half-Way House - Atlin Lake Company

1101 miles north of Ashcroft, on the Dominion Telegraph Line

Post Office History

Office Name: Atlin
Electoral District: Skeena (British Columbia)
Established 1899-05-01

Additional Information:
May 1899 new PO corner of 2nd and Pearl.
Customs collector
Nature of premises - Government building
P.O. Rev. 1223
Sup P.M. - Whitehorse

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
Edwin Caton Mahoney (see below) 1899-05-01 1901 Non-residence of PM
James Allen Fraser (see below) 1902-04-11 1902-06-16 Resignation
John Williams (see below) 1902-07-01 1909-08-24 Resignation
Edward A. Robinson (see below) 1910-07-01 1917-10-22 Death
Rev. Thomas Albert James (see below) 1918-04-01 1920-03-15 Death
Mrs Annie James, nee Kindred (see below) 1920-09-10 1924-06-05 Resignation
Fredrick B. Wrong (see below) 1924-09-16 1928-06-23
Robert Darlington Nelson OAS 1928-12-01 1946-11-30 Promoted in Customs Deptartment
John Dale Ward 1946-12-01 Acting
William Ross OAS 1900-11-24 1947-03-01 Acting
William Ross OAS 1900-11-24 1948-07-20 1968-03-31 Retirement, sup'n

3 more entering into privacy issues

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or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada. The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

Edwin Caton Mahoney, alt Mahony
b- October 14, 1864 Hamilton, ON,
d- Oct 31, 1930, in Vancouver BC, age 65
He was buried in Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver.
Father- John C. Mahony, a boot and shoe manufacturer.
Mother - Hanna Sarah Gage
Lieut. Forestry Co in WWI
Became the manager of the Royal City Saw and Planing Mills, Vancouver

James Allen Fraser
b- Jan 14, 1851 in Glengarry ON
d- Jan 5, 1927, Vancouver BC, age 76
buried in Masonic Plot, Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver. BC
He was still living in Atlin in 1915
Became Government Agent and Gold Commissioner, in Atlin
1921 still in Atlin
in 1901- J. A. Fraser & Co. in Atlin, First St, Groceries, Fruit, Flour, Feed and Provisions sold. son of Alexander Fraser and Ann McGregor
married Frances Isabel Creighton, Aug 15, 1882 in Winnipeg, MB
b- Owen Sound, ON
His son Lt. George Lyall Fraser, born May 10, 1894 in Port Arthur, ON
daughter Frances Fraser
son, Horace Fraser
son Clarence Roswell Fraser.

John Williams
Deputy Collector of Customs in Atlin in 1902

Edward A. Robinson
b- May 1862 in England
d- Oct 22, 1917 probably in Atlin BC
He immigrated in 1898 per 1911 census
There was another Robinson there, M. R. Robinson.
As you can see above there is a Robinson St. in Atlin
There was an Albert Robinson in Atlin in 1901, shown as a Gold Miner, b- Nov 29, 1864 in ON
also a Thomas Robinson, b- Apr 27, 1867 in England, shown as a draftsman, which is curious for map link below
William R
see map link below, he obviously was a good draftsman in 1906 in Atlin
Gen index says he was living there in 1901 as well.
Then I finally found him in the 1911 census in the Post Office, right where he should be.
1904 he was buying a lot in atlin

Rev. Thomas Albert James
b- July 1856 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
d- Mar 15, 1920 in Atlin BC
Moved to Australia age 3
Parents: Thomas Swinson James, Lucy Jane Haywood
Spouse: 1- Mary Rogers Champion
Married in Ballarat Australia.
Had 5 children with Mary
2- Annie Kindred (see next Postmistress below)
Had 5 children with Annie

Mrs. Annie James, nee Kindred
b- Oct 29, 1881 Deep Lead, Pleasant Creek, Victoria, Australia
d- Sept 8, 1967 in Canada

Frederick Brewster Wrong
alt- Fredrick Bruester Wrong
alt- Fredrick Brewster Wrong
alt- Frederic Bruester Wrong
b- Sept 23, 1862 in Port Burwell, Essex, ON,
d- Oct 13, 1934 in Atlin BC, age 70
Father- John Wesley Wrong, Mother- augusta (Augustine) Sophia Wrong
brother- Hester L. Wrong, Windsor ON
Spouse Laura

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