NW Bay- Misc

Nanoose Bay, British Columbia, Canada

Northwest Bay Logging Co. Ltd.
ca 1947-1950

Northwest Bay Logging Co. Ltd. Float

Northwest Bay Sports and Social Club Float

Fight Forest Fires Float

Chokerman Competition

Chainsaw Competition

Aug 22, 1947
Hotel Vancouver
caption says it all on the photo.
Arrow actually points to Bud Walker, the photographer of most of these pictures.

Doug Best was Divisional Forestry Supervisor at MB's Northwest Bay Logging division, developed a spacing saw in 1969.
He lived in Nanaimo at the time.

Couple nifty old cars.

2 gals hamming it up for the camera.

Group on steps of building at the camp

Everyone is dressed up, Crummie in background.

Love this photo, 4 loggers taking a hard earned break

Rugby or Soccer Team

Photos above courtesy Grant Walker, part of his dad Bud Walker's Collection


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