NW Bay- First Aid, Fire Equipment

Nanoose Bay, British Columbia, Canada

Northwest Bay Logging Co. Ltd. ca 1947-1950

Fire Fighting Equipment, and related First Aid Material

No fancy Fire Trucks back then.
Big Tank of water on wheels, c/w Gas powered pump and hoses.
called Mobile Watertank Units by MB

First Aid, Fire Notice Station
The fancy woodwork on this sign is impressive anywhere, never mind a logging camp.

Cartoon drawing says it all! sorry I can't read the artist's name.
this came from his son Greg Aug 2, 2021-
“I just came across your Logging Archive Photos and noticed in the Northwest Bay section a cartoon about carrying saws. The artist's name is W.J. (Bill) Roscow, my dad. He worked as a scaler and then bullbucker at Northwest Bay after the war until 1963, then up to Kelsey Bay, and finally as manager of Naden Harbour Timber Ltd in the Queen Charlottes. He was always drawing. As well as cartoons he illustrated safety handbooks etc.”

Photos above courtesy Grant Walker, part of his dad Bud Walker's Collection


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