GTPR- Memorabilia

From an Anonymous Donor comes these fantastic items of China, Crystal, and Silver Items,
from their Personal Collection, photos Nov 2, 2017

These Railroad Companies built opulant Hotels, with the finest China, Silver, and Crystal items used in their Hotel Restaurants, Dinings Cars etc.
This is just a small sample of the fine things they used. A beautiful collection for sure.

Explanation of the GTP Crests from donor: GTP China, with “ Grand Trunk ”, above the crest, and, “ Grand Trunk Pacific ”, below, tells us that this piece saw service on their Dining Cars.
Hotel China showed the individual Hotel name above, and either Grand Trunk, as in the Chateau Laurier , or Grand Trunk Pacific, ( Fort Garry, MacDonald ) , below.

GTPR Dining Car/Hotel Service


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