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North-West, British Columbia, Canada


In the 60’s and early 70’s, Single Sideband Radios were installed in some of the Northern Communities.

Atlin, Telegraph Creek and Alice Arm, to name a few.

Work in Atlin was done by the Dawson Creek Crew. Alice Arm was handled by Rupert with Terrace as a backup.

Telegraph Creek was maintained out of the Pr. Rupert office for many years, with back-up by Terrace. On one such trip to Telegraph Creek, Barry Doyle was driving with Ron Strumecki as passenger, when suddenly they ran into a horse on the open range road between Telegraph Creek and Dease Lake. This horse was claimed by every rancher in the area, and all were Northern Dancer thoroughbreds! Barry’s nickname after that was Horse Killer Doyle! The company paid out all the claims.

The Single Sideband system was invented in the 1915 era, and further developed in the 20's and 30's. It was not a new system. It was used in remote areas of the world. Time of day, and atmospheric elements, affect the quality of the signal with this system.

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