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North-West British Columbia, Canada

The above picture shows the truck method
the bottom picture, the 5th wheel trailer method.
Since the doors were the same width as the diesels, it became rather awkward to remove them.
Many scraped knuckles occurred during these procedures.
The diesels would be skidded out on rollers or planks, and another rebuilt machine would be brought in to replace it.
Sometimes we would have Simpson Maxwell mechanics on site to do some repairs.
We were responsible for all the minor repairs, changing governors, radiators, oil, starters, batteries, etc.
The mechanics were called in for the internal part repair, or major oil leak. Later on the BC Tel mechanics, were used to repair and maintain the diesels.
They even used the electrical department for a time.

The beauty of the 5th wheel, was a nice platform to work from and room for both the old and new diesel.
It was an improvement over the pickup method above.
We also used this 5th wheel to haul our snowmachines, from one site to the other, before a large truck was bought.

Pictures showing the 5th Wheel Trailer, and truck winch method.
courtesy Brian Wolfe, Ladysmith BC

Brown Bear Before the Fire
This picture shows the new Living Quarters, which replaced the TeePee Trailer, built by Herman and Rolly.
It also shows the new Steel Antenna structure, replacing the cedar poles

Brown Bear 1986 - During and After the Fire
Aerial View of Fire still burning
Living Quarters was totally destroyed, as well as the Radio Room, and storage room.
The Diesel Room sustained Heavy damage on one end.
Pictures below show the devastation.

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