BC Tel- Zymoetz Radio Access Road

North-West, British Columbia, Canada

The Wonderful Zymoetz Access Road could be fun, beautiful, and hell, all in the same trip!
It was always an adventure.
Movie Stars pay millions of dollars to get away from it all.
Here BC Tel paid us to do it!
The hard part was getting there, but once you were there, no one was coming knocking on your door!

Carl Lofroth at the slide area
Carl is shovelling a path through the slide for the Tucker snowcat

Tucker Snowcat approaching slide area in the early Spring or Fall
All that rain would mean bad news for us!

Building Log Bridge, Winter 1978
across same slide area as shown above

Woody Larsen, and Carl Lofroth Digging the Tucker through a snow drift at the top of the mountain
This corner was always bad for a big drift right on an open corner, with a huge drop off.
I must admit, this corner scared the hell out of me, more than a few times.
Trying a run on the top of the drift, instead of spending hours shovelling, was always a tough decision. I did both!
I remember lots of times, due to the drop off, you would have a tendency to hug the inside of the drift.
With the old Thiokol Spryte, it would sometimes loose it's grip on the drift and then slide into the bank.
This would usually mean sliding out of the track, and pinning the machine against the bank.
I did this too many times to count!
You not only had to shovel, you had to get the track back on in very tight quarters.
Add to this mix, usually wind and cold, and it wasn't fun!
But it was still a half mile to the site, if you wanted to stop and have a beer or a steak, it meant work, and lots of it.
Like I said earlier, we spent 70% of our time getting to these sites, 20% microwave work, and 10% reserved for good times!


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