BC Tel- Zymoetz Diesel Room

North-West, British Columbia, Canada

Zymoetz Diesel Room

The 3- D330 Cat engines at Zymoetz
#1 to the far right in the picture was on line 99% of the time

Birke Brookbank at the Control Panels
Each diesel had it's own control panel with an electric panel on the right
In this picture Birke is manually adjusting the frequency of the generator to 60 cycles.
The governor on the diesel would hold the engine at the setting fairly well, but part of our routines was to adjust this to exactly 60 cycles.
Other controls at the panel, would allow an increase or decrease in Dummy Load.
These engines originally had turbo chargers, and had enough power to supply 3 radio sites.
To enable the diesel to run efficiently, more load had to be manually added.
Also the diesel change from one to another could be done from this panel, with no noticeable change in power source.
A little flicker of the lights is all you would see.
To do maintenance on the #1 diesel, it was necessary to switch the load to 2 or 3.
We then would change oil and other routines were done.
Oil leaks were the biggest headaches we had.
We would have to replace starters, governors, radiators, batteries, rad hoses, and other external parts.


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