BC Tel- Terrace Primary Center, Radio and Toll

Terrace, British Columbia, Canada

4532 Lazelle Ave, Terrace BC
Home of Terrace Toll and Radio Dept
This is a painting of the building from 1968
This building was/is one of few that is earthquake proof, supposedly!
Some of us that worked in the building called it the cement prison, due to the small narrow windows between the concrete extensions.
The building shown behind in this picture, has long been gone, and a large parking lot is all that is left.
The Terrace Swimming pool is now located behind this building one block to the NE

Halon Fire Suppression System

Lenkurt 51D, alarm system, with Nass Light Route alarm display on right

Brian Wolfe, Ray Homeniuk, at the Toll Board

Bottom photos courtesy Brian Wolfe collection


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