BC Tel- Prince Rupert Radio and Toll


Glued together Panarama of Pr. Rupert Harbour, taken from the old Mt. Hays gondola lift in 1992

Prince Rupert is in the odd condition of being served by BC Tel, now Telus, for the Long Distance Service,
but in the city itself, by it's own City Owned Telephone Company.
I believe it is the only one left in BC.
Our Telephone employees worked out of the basement of the Rupert Telephone Company.
Rupert was served via microwave signal from Mt. Hays.
Today a fancy Fibre Optic Cable serves the city, from Mt Hays.
Prince Rupert had a motto “The Halibut Capital of Canada”
Now it is “The City of Rainbows”
Prince Rupert is located on Kaien Island near the mouth of the Skeena River, on the west coast of British Columbia.
It is located at a latitude of 53°N and a longitude of 122°W, with an elevation of 34 meters.
Prince Rupert is the cloudiest place in Canada, with 255 days a year, and is the wettest city with a total annual precipitation of 2552mm.
When it is sunny in Rupert, it is beautiful. When it is cloudy and rainy, it is terrible!
The place reminds me of San Francisco, due to the hilly roads, and small town lots, with the narrow houses, and postage size lots.
It is a place to see for sure!

Fishing was a big industry here.
Besides fishing, their is a Pulp Mill (now closed) a Coal and a Grain Terminal Port.
Tourism with Cruise ships, etc. is becoming big business.

Rupert Schematic

I never got the privilege of working in Rupert while in the Radio Department, but if I did, I could find myself sitting in this place more than just a couple hours a night!
A great Pub, Great View, and good Food!
picture taken by myself, ca Aug 2003

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