BC Tel- Noble Mountain Microwave Site

North-West, British Columbia, Canada


Located at Lat 53-44-06 and Long 130-10-14

Aerial Picture of Noble Mountain Site
taken by Glen Olver, Feb 2000

Noble Mountain @ Sunset
Picture taken Mar 2000 by Glen Olver

Noble Mountain Microwave Schematic

This site is strictly accessible via helicopter.
There is a sheer drop off to the Ocean, from the edge of this mountain.
The weather at this site, makes it just about Impossible to fly into, or out of, most days.
Coastal clouds and storms frequent this site.

Noble Mountain Antenna Structure
Taken Mar 2000 by Glen Olver

Noble Mountain Living Quarters and Radio Room
Pictures taken Feb 2000 by Glen Olver

Noble Mountain Kitchen
Home Sweet Home!

Lenkurt Electric 71F2 Radio Manual
from Noble Mtn.
In my possession, is this original Lenkurt Electric Manual, for line-up and maintenance of the first radio system installed

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